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(Source: Respirology)
Source: Respirology - July 14, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Tags: Issue Information Source Type: research

Is it feasible to radiologically monitor the evolution of non‐CF bronchiectasis?
(Source: Respirology)
Source: Respirology - July 14, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Paola Crivelli, Nicola Sverzellati, Giovanni Sotgiu, Stefano Aliberti Tags: Correspondence Source Type: research

Is it feasible to radiologically monitor the evolution of non‐CF bronchiectasis? ‐ Reply
(Source: Respirology)
Source: Respirology - July 14, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Jisoo Park, Kyoung‐Won Lee, Jae Ho Lee Tags: Correspondence Source Type: research

Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus infection is inhibited by griffithsin.
In conclusion, we identify griffithsin as a potent inhibitor of MERS-CoV infection at the entry step. PMID: 27424494 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Antiviral Research)
Source: Antiviral Research - July 14, 2016 Category: Virology Authors: Millet JK, Séron K, Labitt RN, Danneels A, Palmer KE, Whittaker GR, Dubuisson J, Belouzard S Tags: Antiviral Res Source Type: research

Molecular cloning and functional characterization of porcine E74-like factor 4 (ELF4).
Abstract E74-like factor 4 (ELF4) is a novel transcription factor that initiates transcription of type I interferon (IFN) genes to control diverse pathogens. Here, porcine ELF4 (poELF4) was cloned and its role in type I IFN signaling was investigated in different porcine cell lines. Full-length cDNA of poELF4 encodes 663 amino acid residues and ectopic expression of poELF4 significantly induced IFN-β production. Interestingly, difference from the human ELF4 (huELF4), poELF4 mutants lacking the serine/threonine rich domain, which has been demonstrated to be responsible for the phosphorylation of huELF4, were still...
Source: Developmental and Comparative Immunology - July 14, 2016 Category: Allergy & Immunology Authors: Shi Y, Wang D, Zhu X, Wu Q, Chen H, Xiao S, Fang L Tags: Dev Comp Immunol Source Type: research

Pulmonary Rehabilitation Utilization in Older Adults With Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, 2003 to 2012.
CONCLUSIONS: Utilization of PR during the study period increased only 1.1% in these Medicare beneficiaries with COPD and remained low. PMID: 27428819 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention)
Source: Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention - July 14, 2016 Category: Rehabilitation Authors: Nishi SP, Zhang W, Kuo YF, Sharma G Tags: J Cardiopulm Rehabil Prev Source Type: research

Everolimus in the treatment of neuroendocrine tumors of the respiratory and gastroenteropancreatic systems
Future Oncology Ahead of Print. (Source: Future Oncology)
Source: Future Oncology - July 14, 2016 Category: Cancer & Oncology Authors: Nicola FlaumJuan W ValleWasat MansoorMairéad G McNamara Source Type: research

Fossorial Origin of the Turtle Shell.
Abstract The turtle shell is a complex structure that currently serves a largely protective function in this iconically slow-moving group [1]. Developmental [2, 3] and fossil [4-7] data indicate that one of the first steps toward the shelled body plan was broadening of the ribs (approximately 50 my before the completed shell [5]). Broadened ribs alone provide little protection [8] and confer significant locomotory [9, 10] and respiratory [9, 11] costs. They increase thoracic rigidity [8], which decreases speed of locomotion due to shortened stride length [10], and they inhibit effective costal ventilation [9, 11]. ...
Source: Current Biology - July 14, 2016 Category: Biology Authors: Lyson TR, Rubidge BS, Scheyer TM, de Queiroz K, Schachner ER, Smith RM, Botha-Brink J, Bever GS Tags: Curr Biol Source Type: research

Safety analysis of proposed data ‐driven physiologic alarm parameters for hospitalized children
CONCLUSIONSA large proportion of vital signs in hospitalized children are outside presently used norms. Safety evaluation of data‐driven limits suggests they are as safe as those currently used. Implementation of these parameters in physiologic monitors may mitigate alarm fatigue. Journal of Hospital Medicine 2016. © 2016 Society of Hospital Medicine (Source: Journal of Hospital Medicine)
Source: Journal of Hospital Medicine - July 14, 2016 Category: Hospital Management Authors: Veena V. Goel, Sarah F. Poole, Christopher A. Longhurst, Terry S. Platchek, Natalie M. Pageler, Paul J. Sharek, Jonathan P. Palma Tags: Original Research Source Type: research

Expanded criteria for retinopathy of prematurity screening in moderately preterm infants: Single ‐center pilot study
ConclusionsIn moderately preterm infants, status should be evaluated in order to effectively select candidates for ROP screening without missing potential ROP developers. (Source: Pediatrics International)
Source: Pediatrics International - July 14, 2016 Category: Pediatrics Authors: Sook Kyung Yum, Cheong ‐Jun Moon, Young‐Ah Youn, Jung Hyun Lee, So Young Kim, In Kyung Sung Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

Age ‐related risk factors for bacterial aetiology in community‐acquired pneumonia
ConclusionIt should be considered that the bacterial aetiology may differ according to the patient's age, comorbidities, smoking and alcohol abuse. More extensive microbiological testing is warranted in those with risk factors for infrequent microorganisms. (Source: Respirology)
Source: Respirology - July 14, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Jos é M. Sahuquillo‐Arce, Rosario Menéndez, Raúl Méndez, Isabel Amara‐Elori, Rafael Zalacain, Alberto Capelastegui, Javier Aspa, Luis Borderías, Juan J. Martín‐Villasclaras, Salvador Bello, Inmaculada Alfageme, Felipe Rodriguez Castro, Jordi R Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

Is it feasible to radiologically monitor the evolution of non ‐CF bronchiectasis?
(Source: Respirology)
Source: Respirology - July 14, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Paola Crivelli, Nicola Sverzellati, Giovanni Sotgiu, Stefano Aliberti Tags: Correspondence Source Type: research

Is it feasible to radiologically monitor the evolution of non ‐CF bronchiectasis? ‐ Reply
(Source: Respirology)
Source: Respirology - July 14, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Jisoo Park, Kyoung ‐Won Lee, Jae Ho Lee Tags: Correspondence Source Type: research

Synthesis and Characterization of Nanocomposite Microparticles (nCmP) for the Treatment of Cystic Fibrosis-Related Infections
Conclusions The described nCmP have the potential to overcome mucus-limited pulmonary delivery of antibiotics. (Source: Pharmaceutical Research)
Source: Pharmaceutical Research - July 13, 2016 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research

Risk factors for mortality in patients admitted to intensive care units with pneumonia.
CONCLUSION: In this study using data from a multicenter thromboprophylaxis trial, we found that male sex, higher APACHE II score on admission, chronic heart failure, and dialysis were independently associated with risk of hospital mortality in patients admitted to ICU with pneumonia. While high illness severity score, presence of a serious comorbidity (heart failure) and need for an advanced life support (dialysis) are not unexpected risk factors of mortality, male sex might necessitate further exploration. More studies are warranted to clarify the effect of these risk factors on survival in critically ill patients admitte...
Source: Respiratory Care - July 13, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Li G, Cook DJ, Thabane L, Friedrich JO, Crozier TM, Muscedere J, Granton J, Mehta S, Reynolds SC, Lopes RD, Francois L, Freitag AP, Levine MA, PROTECT Investigators for the Canadian Critical Care Trials Group, and the Australian and New Zealand Intensive Tags: Respir Res Source Type: research

Ultrasound for the Pulmonary Consultant.
This article describes major applications of ultrasonography for the pulmonary consultant along with illustrative figures and videos. PMID: 27398039 [PubMed] (Source: Respiratory Care)
Source: Respiratory Care - July 13, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Chichra A, Makaryus M, Chaudhri P, Narasimhan M Tags: Clin Med Insights Circ Respir Pulm Med Source Type: research

Three-Dimensional Ground Glass Opacity Ratio in CT Images Can Predict Tumor Invasiveness of Stage IA Lung Cancer.
CONCLUSION: Computed tomography image-related parameters based on GGO were well correlated with and predictive of invasiveness according to IASLC/ATS/ERS classification. 3D GGO ratio was more strongly correlated with pathologic invasiveness than 3D solid size. PMID: 27401643 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Yonsei Medical Journal)
Source: Yonsei Medical Journal - July 13, 2016 Category: Universities & Medical Training Authors: Yu WS, Hong SR, Lee JG, Lee JS, Jung HS, Kim DJ, Chung KY, Lee CY Tags: Yonsei Med J Source Type: research

Left ventricular diastolic dysfunction is an independent risk factor of weaning failure from mechanical ventilation
The objective of this study was to investigate the contribution of left ventricular (LV) diastolic dysfunction to weaning failure, along with the levels of the currently used cardiac biomarkers. Forty-two mechanically ventilated patients, who fulfilled criteria for weaning from mechanical ventilation (MV) underwent a two-hour spontaneous breathing trial (SBT). Transthoracic echocardiography (TTE) was performed before the start of the SBT. The grade of LV diastolic dysfunction was assessed by pulsed-wave Doppler and tissue Doppler imaging at the level of the mitral valve. Haemodynamic and respiratory parameters were recorde...
Source: Anaesthesia and Intensive Care - July 13, 2016 Category: Anesthesiology Source Type: research

Intraoperative compliance profiles and regional lung ventilation improve with increasing positive end‐expiratory pressure
ConclusionWe conclude that in most patients, the often applied PEEP of 5 cm H2O is insufficient to prevent intratidal recruitment/derecruitment and that few patients show overdistension at high PEEP levels. To establish optimal pressure–volume relationships in the respiratory system, the analysis of the individual intratidal compliance profiles could be a means for individualized perioperative PEEP titration. (Source: Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica)
Source: Acta Anaesthesiologica Scandinavica - July 13, 2016 Category: Anesthesiology Authors: S. Wirth, M. Kreysing, J. Spaeth, S. Schumann Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

Substrate kinetics in patients with disorders of skeletal muscle metabolism.
Authors: Ørngreen MC Abstract The main purpose of the following studies was to investigate pathophysiological mechanisms in fat and carbohydrate metabolism and effect of nutritional interventions in patients with metabolic myopathies and in patients with severe muscle wasting. Yet there is no cure for patients with skeletal muscle disorders. The group of patients is heterozygous and this thesis is focused on patients with metabolic myopathies and low muscle mass due to severe muscle wasting. Disorders of fatty acid oxidation (FAO) are, along with myophosphorylase deficiency (McArdle disease), the most common inbor...
Source: Danish Medical Journal - July 13, 2016 Category: Journals (General) Tags: Dan Med J Source Type: research

Combined application of laryngoscopy and flexible bronchoscopy in endobronchial foreign body extraction.
Authors: Fang N, Sun L, Zhang Y, Zhu W, Wang X Abstract Foreign body aspiration is a life-threatening emergency in children. An 11-year-old girl presented at the emergency department with a case of accidental foreign body aspiration. The patient had symptoms of acute respiratory distress followed by cyanosis of the lips. Radiological examination demonstrated a radiopaque foreign body. Under analgesic and amnestic anesthesia, we extracted the metal bead using alligator forceps, with a direct laryngoscope and a flexible bronchoscope. This method afforded an improved visual access to the operative field and allowed fo...
Source: Minimally Invasive Therapy and Allied Technologies - July 13, 2016 Category: Surgery Tags: Minim Invasive Ther Allied Technol Source Type: research

The path to personalized medicine in asthma.
Authors: Bagnasco D, Ferrando M, Bernardi S, Passalacqua G, Canonica GW Abstract INTRODUCTION: Asthma is a common respiratory disorder, since about 10% of the population suffer from this disease, and up to 10% have a severe form. Recent findings have allowed a greater and deeper understanding of the pathophysiological mechanisms, distinguishing two groups of patients according to the prevalent cellular population that drives the inflammatory process, and consequentially, to intervene on different cellular targets. AREAS COVERED: Currently, several biological drugs directly interfering with these pathophysiologi...
Source: Expert Review of Respiratory Medicine - July 13, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Tags: Expert Rev Respir Med Source Type: research

Sex Difference in Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease. Does it Matter? A Concise Review.
Authors: Kokturk N, Kilic H, Baha A, Lee SD, Jones PW Abstract Chronic obstructive lung disease (COPD) primarily affects men; however, its epidemiology has been changing because more women have become smokers. Recently, investigators found that although women and men were exposed to the same amount of smoke fume, women tended to have more severe disease and higher mortality rate. They also complain of more dyspnoea and may experience more severe exacerbations than men. This led to the question of whether sex has an impact on COPD course and whether women have a higher susceptibility to smoke fumes than men. That ma...
Source: COPD: Journal of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease - July 13, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Tags: COPD Source Type: research

Burden of asthma with elevated blood eosinophil levels
Asthma is a common chronic condition with an economic burden of almost $56 billion annually in the US. Biologic markers like blood eosinophils, that help predict the risk of exacerbation could help guide more ... (Source: BMC Pulmonary Medicine)
Source: BMC Pulmonary Medicine - July 13, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Julian Casciano, Jerry A. Krishnan, Mary Buatti Small, Philip O. Buck, Gokul Gopalan, Chenghui Li, Robert Kemp and Zenobia Dotiwala Source Type: research

Beard infantile hemangioma and subglottic involvement: are median pattern and telangiectatic aspect the clue?
ConclusionPatients presenting with telangiectatic beard IH localized on the median area need early ENT exploration. They should be treated before respiratory symptoms occur. (Source: Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology)
Source: Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology - July 13, 2016 Category: Dermatology Authors: M. Piram, S. Hadj‐Rabia, O. Boccara, V. Couloigner, D. Hamel‐Teillac, C. Bodemer Tags: Short Report Source Type: research

B1-kinin receptors modulate Mesobuthus tamulus venom-induced vasosensory reflex responses in anesthetized rats
Conclusions: BT venom-induced vasosensory reflex responses modulating cardiovascular parameters are mediated via B1-kinin receptors in anesthetized rats. (Source: Indian Journal of Pharmacology)
Source: Indian Journal of Pharmacology - July 13, 2016 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Authors: Sanjeev K SinghShripad B Deshpande Source Type: research

The effect of liver esterases and temperature on remifentanil degradation in vitro
Publication date: 20 August 2016 Source:International Journal of Pharmaceutics, Volume 510, Issue 1 Author(s): Ornella Piazza, Sara Cascone, Linda Sessa, Edoardo De Robertis, Gaetano Lamberti Remifentanil is a potent opioid metabolized by serum and tissue esterases; it is routinely administered to patients with liver failure as anaesthetic and analgo-sedative without variation in doses, even if prolonged clinical effects and respiratory depression have been observed in these patients. The aim of this study was to determine remifentanil enzymatic degradation kinetics bearing in mind the effect of liver esterases in o...
Source: International Journal of Pharmaceutics - July 13, 2016 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research

Maternal vitamin D levels during pregnancy and neonatal health: evidence to date and clinical implications
Low maternal vitamin D levels during pregnancy have been associated with a plethora of adverse neonatal outcomes, including small for gestational age and preterm births, detrimental effect on offspring bone and teeth development, and risk of infectious diseases. Although most observational studies indicate a significant linear relationship between maternal 25-hydroxyvitamin D and the above outcomes, some randomized controlled trials to date are inconclusive, mostly due to differences in study design and supplementation regimen. The currently available results indicate that vitamin D supplementation during pregnancy reduces...
Source: Therapeutic Advances in Musculoskeletal Disease - July 13, 2016 Category: Orthopaedics Authors: Karras, S. N., Fakhoury, H., Muscogiuri, G., Grant, W. B., van den Ouweland, J. M., Colao, A. M., Kotsa, K. Tags: Reviews Source Type: research

Sonographic evaluation of tongue motions during upper airway stimulation for obstructive sleep apnea—a pilot study
Conclusion The results indicate feasibility of sonography to identify tongue and hyoid motions during upper airway stimulation. Useful sonographic planes and landmarks, which allow visualization of dynamic effects of upper airway stimulation, could be established. The evaluation of the tongue in a horizontal (B) and in a sagittal plane (D) appears to be superior to the other investigated planes. The approximate tongue protrusion needed to generate a significant reduction of AHI and ODI was 1 cm. (Source: Sleep and Breathing)
Source: Sleep and Breathing - July 13, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Connective tissue disease-related interstitial lung disease
Publication date: Available online 19 May 2016 Source:Best Practice & Research Clinical Rheumatology Author(s): M. Kristen Demoruelle, Shikha Mittoo, Joshua J. Solomon Interstitial lung disease (ILD) is commonly present in patients with an underlying connective tissue disease (CTD), particularly those with systemic sclerosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and inflammatory myositis. The clinical spectrum can range from asymptomatic findings on imaging to respiratory failure and death. Distinguishing features in the clinical, radiographic, and histopathologic characteristics of CTD–ILD subsets can predict prognosis an...
Source: Best Practice and Research Clinical Rheumatology - July 13, 2016 Category: Rheumatology Source Type: research

Massive gastrointestinal bleeding in AIDS patients secondary to histoplasma and cytomegalovirus infection
Conclusion Lower gastrointestinal bleeding diagnosis and treatment pose a challenge, considering the intestine extension and difficulties for its exploration. On the other hand, the association between Histoplasmosis and CMV as a massive gastrointestinal bleeding cause has not been described. There is no bibliography on the matter. (Source: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports)
Source: International Journal of Surgery Case Reports - July 13, 2016 Category: Surgery Source Type: research

Tombs of Aspergillus: A missed cause of recurrent respiratory infections in allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis
Onkar Kumar Jha, Arjun Khanna, Charul Dabral, Deepak TalwarIndian Journal of Critical Care Medicine 2016 20(7):421-424Broncholithiasis is an often overlooked condition and has been associated with symptoms such as cough, hemoptysis, and recurrent respiratory infections. The most common mechanism of a broncholith formation is the enlargement and subsequent erosion of a lymph node into an adjacent airway. Here, we describe this entity in a patient with advanced allergic bronchopulmonary aspergillosis, with chronic hypercapnic respiratory failure, and with frequent infective exacerbations. These frequent exacerbations were in...
Source: Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine - July 13, 2016 Category: Intensive Care Authors: Onkar Kumar JhaArjun KhannaCharul DabralDeepak Talwar Source Type: research

In Vivo Validation of Predicted and Conserved T Cell Epitopes in a Swine Influenza Model
by Andres H. Gutiérrez, Crystal Loving, Leonard Moise, Frances E. Terry, Susan L. Brockmeier, Holly R. Hughes, William D. Martin, Anne S. De Groot Swine influenza is a highly contagious respiratory viral infection in pigs that is responsible for significant financial losses to pig farmers annually. Current measures to protect herds from infection include: inactivated whole-virus vaccines, subunit vaccines, and alpha replicon-based vaccines. As is true for influenza vaccines for humans, these strategies do not provide broad protection against the diverse strains of influenza A virus (IAV) currently circulating in U.S. swi...
Source: PLoS One - July 13, 2016 Category: Biomedical Science Authors: Andres H. Gutiérrez Source Type: research

Proline metabolism in hymenopterans
Bees are thought to be strict users of carbohydrates as metabolic fuel for flight. Many insects, however, have the ability to oxidize the amino acid proline at a high rate, which is a unique feature of this group of animals. The presence of proline in the haemolymph of bees and in the nectar of plants led to the hypothesis that plants may produce proline as a metabolic reward for pollinators. We investigated flight muscle metabolism of hymenopteran species using high-resolution respirometry performed on permeabilized muscle fibres. The muscle fibres of the honeybee, Apis mellifera, do not have a detectable capacity to oxid...
Source: Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences - July 13, 2016 Category: Biology Authors: Teulier, L., Weber, J.-M., Crevier, J., Darveau, C.-A. Tags: biochemistry, physiology, evolution Research articles Source Type: research

In Vitro Activity of Ceftaroline against Bacterial Pathogens Isolated from Patients with Skin and Soft Tissue and Respiratory Tract Infections in African and Middle Eastern Countries: AWARE Global Surveillance Program 2012-2014
The objective of this report was to document antimicrobial susceptibility testing surveillance data for ceftaroline and comparative agents from the AWARE (Assessing Worldwide Antimicrobial Resistance Evaluation) global surveillance program for bacterial pathogens causing skin and soft tissue and respiratory tract infections in African and Middle Eastern countries from 2012 through 2014. Pathogen identities were confirmed by MALDI-TOF and antimicrobial susceptibility testing performed by CLSI broth microdilution methodology in a central laboratory. (Source: Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease)
Source: Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease - July 13, 2016 Category: Microbiology Authors: James A. Karlowsky, Douglas J. Biedenbach, Samuel K. Bouchillon, Meredith Hackel, Joseph P. Iaconis, Daniel F. Sahm Source Type: research

Productive replication of nephropathogenic infectious bronchitis virus in peripheral blood monocytic cells, a strategy for viral dissemination and kidney infection in chickens
In conclusion, only B1648 can easily disseminate to internal organs via a cell-free and -associated viremia with KUL01+ cells as important carrier cells. (Source: Veterinary Research)
Source: Veterinary Research - July 13, 2016 Category: Veterinary Research Source Type: research

Linking e-health records, patient-reported symptoms and environmental exposure data to characterise and model COPD exacerbations: protocol for the COPE study
This study has 5 stages: (1) development and deployment of personal air monitors; (2) recruitment and monitoring of a cohort of 160 patients with COPD for up to 6 months with recruitment of participants through the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD); (3) statistical associations between personal exposure with COPD-related health outcomes; (4) validation of a time-activity exposure model and (5) development of a COPD prediction model for London. Ethics and dissemination The Research Ethics Committee for Camden and Islington has provided ethical approval for the conduct of the study. Approval has also been gran...
Source: BMJ Open - July 13, 2016 Category: Journals (General) Authors: Moore, E., Chatzidiakou, L., Jones, R. L., Smeeth, L., Beevers, S., Kelly, F. J., K Quint, J., Barratt, B. Tags: Open access, Epidemiology, Respiratory medicine Protocol Source Type: research

School‐age children enjoyed good respiratory health and fewer allergies despite having lung disease after preterm birth
ConclusionMost health problems experienced by preterm‐born schoolchildren occurred before two years of age and were mainly wheezing disorders. BPD decreased atopy but had no influence on hospitalisation rates.This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. (Source: Acta Paediatrica)
Source: Acta Paediatrica - July 13, 2016 Category: Pediatrics Authors: Eveliina Ronkainen, Tuula Kaukola, Riitta Marttila, Mikko Hallman, Teija Dunder Tags: Regular Article Source Type: research

Apnea in Bronchiolitis: Challenges of Studying an Uncommon Complication of a Common Condition
Bronchiolitis is a leading reason for hospitalization in infancy and a cumulatively expensive condition in pediatric hospital care. In infants with respiratory syncytial virus bronchiolitis (RSV),apnea occurs with an incidence of 1.2%-23.8%.1 Preterm gestation, young age (younger than 3 months), and chronic illness such as neuromuscular disease are associated with a greater incidence of apnea across studies.1 A multicenter cohort of 2207 hospitalized infants across 16 US sites with RSV and non-RSV bronchiolitis found a 5% incidence of apnea during hospitalization. (Source: The Journal of Pediatrics)
Source: The Journal of Pediatrics - July 13, 2016 Category: Pediatrics Authors: Sanjay Mahant, Patricia C. Parkin Tags: Editorials Source Type: research

Support vector machines for automated snoring detection: proof-of-concept
Conclusion In this proof-of-concept, we established that the SVM algorithm performs comparably to trained visual scorers, supporting the use of SVM for automated snoring detection in future studies. (Source: Sleep and Breathing)
Source: Sleep and Breathing - July 13, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Asthma prevalence in german olympic athletes: A comparison of winter and summer sport disciplines
Prevalence of asthma in elite athletes shows very wide ranges. It remains unclear to what extent this is influenced by the competition season (winter vs. summer) or the ventilation rate achieved during competition. The aim of this study was to evaluate prevalence of asthma in German elite winter and summer athletes from a wide range of sport disciplines and to identify high risk groups. (Source: Respiratory Medicine CME)
Source: Respiratory Medicine CME - July 13, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Charlotte Selge, Silke Thomas, Dennis Nowak, Katja Radon, Bernd Wolfarth Source Type: research

Nasal potential difference outcomes support diagnostic decisions in cystic fibrosis
When cystic fibrosis (CF) is suspected Nasal Potential Difference (NPD) measurements are proposed to support controversial diagnosis: we investigated appropriate outcomes at the CF Centre of Verona. (Source: Journal of Cystic Fibrosis)
Source: Journal of Cystic Fibrosis - July 13, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Gloria Tridello, Laura Menin, Emily Pintani, Gabriella Bergamini, Baroukh Maurice Assael, Paola Melotti Tags: Short Communication Source Type: research

Codeine versus placebo for chronic cough in children.
CONCLUSIONS: This review has highlighted the absence of any randomised controlled trials evaluating codeine-based medications in the treatment of childhood chronic cough. Given the potential adverse events of respiratory suppression and opioid toxicity, national therapeutic regulatory authorities recommend the contraindication of access to codeine in children less than 12 years of age. We suggest that clinical practice adhere to clinical practice guidelines and thus refrain from using codeine or its derivatives to treat cough in children. Aetiological-based management practices continue to be advocated for children with ch...
Source: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews - July 13, 2016 Category: Journals (General) Authors: Gardiner SJ, Chang AB, Marchant JM, Petsky HL Tags: Cochrane Database Syst Rev Source Type: research

Cancer patients' use of primary care out-of-hours services: a cross-sectional study in Norway.
CONCLUSION: There was no indication of overuse of OOH services by cancer patients in Norway, which could indicate good quality of cancer care in general. KEY POINTS   Many are concerned about unnecessary use of emergency medical services for non-urgent conditions. • There was no indication of overuse of out-of-hours services by cancer patients in Norway. • Cancer patients had relatively more home visits, physician's contact with the municipal nursing service, and weekend contacts than other patients. • Cancer patients in the least central municipalities had relatively more contacts with out-of-hours service...
Source: Primary Care - July 13, 2016 Category: Primary Care Authors: Thoresen CK, Sandvik H, Hunskaar S Tags: Scand J Prim Health Care Source Type: research

Objective Assessment of Adherence to Inhalers by COPD Patients.
CONCLUSION: These data may inform clinicians both in understanding why a prescribed inhaler is not effective and to devise strategies to promote adherence in COPD. PMID: 27409253 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine)
Source: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine - July 13, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Sulaiman I, Cushen B, Greene G, Seheult J, Seow D, Rawat F, MacHale E, Mokoka M, Moran CN, Sartini Bhreathnach A, MacHale P, Tappuni S, Deering B, Jackson M, McCarthy H, Mellon L, Doyle F, Boland F, Reilly RB, Costello RW Tags: Am J Respir Crit Care Med Source Type: research