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Outcome of corticosteroid administration in autoimmune pulmonary alveolar proteinosis: a retrospective cohort study
Background: Although no report has demonstrated the efficacy of corticosteroid therapy for autoimmune pulmonary alveolar proteinosis (aPAP), we sometimes encounter patients who have received this therapy for various reasons. However, as corticosteroids can suppress alveolar macrophage function, corticosteroid therapy might worsen disease severity and increase the risk of infections. Methods: For this retrospective cohort study, we sent a screening form to 165 institutions asking for information on aPAP patients treated with corticosteroids. Of the resulting 45 patients screened, 31 were enrolled in this study. We collected...
Source: BMC Pulmonary Medicine - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Keiichi AkasakaTakahiro TanakaNobutaka KitamuraShinya OhkouchiRyushi TazawaToshinori TakadaToshio IchiwataEtsuro YamaguchiMasaki HiroseToru AraiKentaro NakanoTakahito NeiHaruyuki IshiiTomohiro HandaYoshikazu InoueKoh Nakata Source Type: research

GATA2 deficiency in children and adults with severe pulmonary alveolar proteinosis and hematologic disorders
Conclusions: In children and adults with severe GM-CSF negative PAP a close cooperation between pneumologists and hemato-oncologists is needed to diagnose the underlying diseases, some of which are caused by mutations of transcription factor GATA2. Treatment with whole lung lavages as well as stem cell transplant may be successful. (Source: BMC Pulmonary Medicine)
Source: BMC Pulmonary Medicine - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Matthias GrieseRalf ZarbockUlrich CostabelJenna HildebrandtDirk TheegartenMichael AlbertAntonia ThielAndrea SchamsJoanna LangeKatazyrna KrenkeTraudl WesselakCarola SchönMatthias KapplerHelmut BlumStefan KrebsAndreas JungCarolin KrönerChristoph KleinIlar Source Type: research

Ventilator-associated Pneumonia caused by commensal oropharyngeal a retrospective Analysis of a prospectively collected Database
Background: The significance of commensal oropharyngeal flora (COF) as a potential cause of ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP) is scarcely investigated and consequently unknown. Therefore, the aim of this study was to explore whether COF may cause VAP. Methods: Retrospective clinical, microbiological and radiographic analysis of all prospectively collected suspected VAP cases in which bronchoalveolar lavage fluid exclusively yielded ≥ 10 4  cfu/ml COF during a 9.5-year period. Characteristics of 899 recent intensive care unit (ICU) admissions were used as a reference population. Results: Out ...
Source: BMC Pulmonary Medicine - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Johannes ScholteJohan van der VeldeCatharina LinssenHelke van DesselDennis BergmansPaul SavelkoulPaul RoekaertsWalther van Mook Source Type: research

Y-27632 is associated with corticosteroid-potentiated control of pulmonary remodeling and inflammation in guinea pigs with chronic allergic inflammation
Background: Previously, we showed that treatment with the Rho-kinase inhibitor Y-27632 was able to control airway responsiveness, inflammation, remodeling, and oxidative stress in an animal model of asthma, suggesting that this drug is beneficial in asthma. However, studies evaluating the effects of these inhibitors in conjunction with corticosteroids on chronic pulmonary inflammation have not been conducted. Therefore, we evaluated the effects of treatment with the Rho-kinase inhibitor Y-27632, with or without concurrent dexamethasone treatment, on airway and lung tissue mechanical responses, inflammation, extracellular m...
Source: BMC Pulmonary Medicine - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Patricia PigatiRenato RighettiSamantha PossaBeatriz RomanholoAdriana RodriguesAnelize dos SantosDébora XistoMariana AntunesCarla PradoEdna LeickMilton de Arruda MartinsPatrícia RoccoIolanda de Fátima Lopes Calvo Tibério Source Type: research

Nanocomplexes for gene therapy of respiratory diseases: Targeting and overcoming the mucus barrier
Publication date: October 2015 Source:Pulmonary Pharmacology & Therapeutics, Volume 34 Author(s): Sante Di Gioia, Adriana Trapani, Stefano Castellani, Annalucia Carbone, Giuliana Belgiovine, Emanuela Fabiola Craparo, Giovanni Puglisi, Gennara Cavallaro, Giuseppe Trapani, Massimo Conese Gene therapy, i.e. the delivery and expression of therapeutic genes, holds great promise for congenital and acquired respiratory diseases. Non-viral vectors are less toxic and immunogenic than viral vectors, although they are characterized by lower efficiency. However, they have to overcome many barriers, including inflam...
Source: Pulmonary Pharmacology and Therapeutics - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Concomitant Tracheal and subcutaneous glomus tumor: Case report and review of the literature
We describe a case of concomitant subcutaneous and tracheal glomus tumor that underwent successful endoscopic resection. A 48-year old male with a left forearm subcutaneous mass presented with hemoptysis. A chest CT scan demonstrated a polypoid tracheal lesion. He underwent a bronchoscopic resection. A biopsy revealed a glomus tumor, which was the same type of neoplasm that was found on the forearm biopsy. Glomus tumors are rarely found in the respiratory tract. Only 49 cases have been described. The majority of the glomus tumors arise from the lower posterior tracheal wall with no extraluminal extension. Bronchoscopic res...
Source: Respiratory Medicine Case Reports - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Quantifying the shape of the maximal expiratory flow-volume curve in mild COPD
Publication date: Available online 12 August 2015 Source:Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology Author(s): Paolo B. Dominelli, Glen E. Foster, Jordan A. Guenette, Hans C. Haverkamp, Neil D. Eves, Giulio S. Dominelli, William R. Henderson, Denis E. O'Donnell, A.William Sheel Maximal expiratory flow-volume (MEFV) curve evaluation using absolute and percent predicted values of flow and volume are used to diagnose respiratory disease, but the shape of the curve is rarely used. Three mathematical methods were used to quantify shape of MEFV curves in subjects with mild COPD (n=19) and matched healthy controls (...
Source: Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Simultaneous monitoring of intratidal compliance and resistance in mechanically ventilated piglets: a feasibility study in two different study groups
Publication date: Available online 11 August 2015 Source:Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology Author(s): Sarah Buehler, Stefan Schumann, László Vimláti, Michael Lichtwarck-Aschoff, Josef Guttmann Compliance measures the force counteracting parenchymal lung distension. In mechanical ventilation, intratidal compliance-volume (C(V)-) profiles therefore change depending on PEEP, tidal volume (VT), and underlying mechanical lung properties. Resistance counteracts gas flow through the airways. Due to anatomical linking between parenchyma and airways, intratidal resistance-volume (R(V))-profiles are hypothesise...
Source: Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Portugal at the cross road of international chronic respiratory programmes
Publication date: Available online 12 August 2015 Source:Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia (English Edition) Author(s): J. Bousquet, J. Rosado Pinto, C. Barbara, J. Correira da Sousa, J. Fonseca, J. Pereira Miguel, J. Boavida, A. Todo Bom, J. Malva, C. Robalo Cordeiro (Source: Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia)
Source: Revista Portuguesa de Pneumologia - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Response to "Where do we go from here? A small scale observation of transfer results from chronic to skilled ventilator facilities"
In this issue the authors, W Greenough, M Ahmed, T Finucane, et al.1 communicate their experience about the difficulties of managing patients who became a chronic mechanical ventilation (MV) dependent after the initial ICU treatment for acute critical illness, because their unsolved failing respiratory function unable for weaning from ventilator. In the authors experience these patients stay in their "long-term chronic-level ventilator units (LTCVUs)" that are less costly than the ICU. Many hospitals don´t have these Units facilities and the majority of patients remain in ICU when in mechanical ventilation. (Source: Journal of Critical Care)
Source: Journal of Critical Care - August 12, 2015 Category: Intensive Care Authors: Nilton Brandão da Silva Source Type: research

[Research Articles] Chimpanzee adenovirus- and MVA-vectored respiratory syncytial virus vaccine is safe and immunogenic in adults
In conclusion, PanAd3-RSV and MVA-RSV are safe and immunogenic in healthy adults. These vaccine candidates warrant further clinical evaluation of efficacy to assess their potential to reduce the burden of RSV disease. (Source: Science Translational Medicine)
Source: Science Translational Medicine - August 12, 2015 Category: Biomedical Science Authors: Green, C. A., Scarselli, E., Sande, C. J., Thompson, A. J., de Lara, C. M., Taylor, K. S., Haworth, K., Del Sorbo, M., Angus, B., Siani, L., Di Marco, S., Traboni, C., Folgori, A., Colloca, S., Capone, S., Vitelli, A., Cortese, R., Klenerman, P., Nicosia, Tags: Research Articles Source Type: research

[Research Articles] Efficacy of a virus-vectored vaccine against human and bovine respiratory syncytial virus infections
Human respiratory syncytial virus (HRSV) is a major cause of lower respiratory tract disease in children and the elderly for which there is still no effective vaccine. We have previously shown that PanAd3-RSV, which is a chimpanzee adenovirus–vectored vaccine candidate that expresses a secreted form of the HRSV F protein together with the N and M2-1 proteins of HRSV, is immunogenic in rodents and nonhuman primates, and protects mice and cotton rats from HRSV challenge. Because the extent to which protection demonstrated in rodent models will translate to humans is unclear, we have exploited the calf model of bovine R...
Source: Science Translational Medicine - August 12, 2015 Category: Biomedical Science Authors: Taylor, G., Thom, M., Capone, S., Pierantoni, A., Guzman, E., Herbert, R., Scarselli, E., Napolitano, F., Giuliani, A., Folgori, A., Colloca, S., Cortese, R., Nicosia, A., Vitelli, A. Tags: Research Articles Source Type: research

Neutrophils in respiratory syncytial virus infection: A target for asthma prevention
Lower respiratory tract infections by respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are the foremost cause of infant hospitalization and are implicated in lasting pulmonary impairment and the development of asthma. Neutrophils infiltrate the airways of pediatric patients with RSV-induced bronchiolitis in vast numbers: approximately 80% of infiltrated cells are neutrophils. However, why neutrophils are recruited to the site of viral respiratory tract infection is not clear. In this review we discuss the beneficial and pathologic contributions of neutrophils to the immune response against RSV infection. (Source: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology)
Source: Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology - August 12, 2015 Category: Allergy & Immunology Authors: Ruben J. Geerdink, Janesh Pillay, Linde Meyaard, Louis Bont Tags: Current perspectives Source Type: research

Aureibacillus halotolerans gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from sediment of the northern Okinawa Trough.
Abstract A Gram-staining-positive, strictly aerobic, spore-forming and rod-shaped motile bacterium with peritrichous flagella, designated strain S1203T, was isolated from the sediment of the northern Okinawa Trough. Phylogenetic analysis based on 16S rRNA gene sequences indicated that strain S1203T formed a lineage within the family Bacillaceae that was distinct from the most closely related genera Bacillus, Bhargavaea, Planomicrobium and Virgibacillus with gene sequence similarities ranging from 86.2 to 93.76%. Optimal growth occurred in the presence of 4-8% (w/v) NaCl, at pH 7.0-8.0 and at 25-32 ºC. The strain h...
Source: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology - August 12, 2015 Category: Microbiology Authors: Liu Y, Liang J, Zhang Z, Yu M, Wang M, Zhang XH Tags: Int J Syst Evol Microbiol Source Type: research

Xanthomarina gelatinilytica gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from sea water of Kochi.
Abstract A novel Gram-negative, rod-shaped, yellow pigmented, non-sporulating, non-motile bacterium designated strain AK20T, was isolated from sea water collected from Kochi city of Kerala state in India. Colonies on marine agar were circular, yellow, shiny, translucent, 2-3 mm in diameter, convex, with entire margin. Flexirubin-type pigment is present. The fatty acids were dominated by iso-branched units with a high abundance of iso-C15:0, iso-C15:1 G, iso-C17:0 3OH, summed in feature 3 (C16:1 7c and/or iso-C15:0 2OH) and iso-C15:0 3OH. Polar lipids included phosphatidylethanolamine, two unidentified aminophosp...
Source: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology - August 12, 2015 Category: Microbiology Authors: Vaidya B, Kumar R, Sharma G, Tanuku NR, Pinnaka AK Tags: Int J Syst Evol Microbiol Source Type: research

Is there pain with neuropathic characteristics in patients with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis? A cross-sectional study.
CONCLUSION: Even if amyotrophic lateral sclerosis is a disease of the motor system, pain is frequent and can rarely have neuropathic characteristics. Pain must be always sought and appropriately treated to limit quality of life impairment. PMID: 26269326 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Palliative Medicine)
Source: Palliative Medicine - August 12, 2015 Category: Palliative Care Authors: Moisset X, Cornut-Chauvinc C, Clavelou P, Pereira B, Dallel R, Guy N Tags: Palliat Med Source Type: research

A Case of Secondary Aortoesophageal Fistula
A 65-year-old male presented to the emergency department by ambulance with several hours of hematemesis. His medical history was significant for hypertension, diabetes, and previous endovascular repair of a thoracic aortic aneurysm. He had several episodes of small-volume hematemesis in the months before this presentation. He appeared pale and unwell at triage, with an initial set of concerning vital signs: temperature 37.8°C, blood pressure 122/89 mm Hg, heart rate 120 beats/min, respiratory rate 40 breaths/min, and oxygen saturation 93% on room air. (Source: The Journal of Emergency Medicine)
Source: The Journal of Emergency Medicine - August 12, 2015 Category: Emergency Medicine Authors: Emerson D. Genuis, Daniel J. Kim Tags: Visual Diagnosis in Emergency Medicine Source Type: research

Long-term non-invasive ventilation therapies in children: a scoping review protocol
This study will provide a wide and rigorous overview of the evidence on the use of long-term NIV in children and provide critical information for healthcare professionals and policymakers to better care for this group of children. We will disseminate our findings through conference proceedings and publications, and evaluate the results for further systematic reviews and meta-analyses. (Source: BMJ Open)
Source: BMJ Open - August 12, 2015 Category: Journals (General) Authors: Castro Codesal, M. L., Featherstone, R., Martinez Carrasco, C., Katz, S. L., Chan, E. Y., Bendiak, G. N., Almeida, F. R., Young, R., Olmstead, D., Waters, K. A., Sullivan, C., Woolf, V., Hartling, L., MacLean, J. E. Tags: Open access, Paediatrics, Research methods, Respiratory medicine Protocol Source Type: research

Flow Cytometric Analysis of Myeloid Cells in Human Blood, Bronchoalveolar Lavage, and Lung Tissues.
CONCLUSIONS: We defined a flow cytometry panel in human BAL and lung tissue that allows identification of multiple immune cell types and delineates alveolar from interstitial-associated macrophages. This study has important implications to defining myeloid cells in human lung samples. PMID: 26267148 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology)
Source: American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology - August 12, 2015 Category: Molecular Biology Authors: Yu YA, Hotten DF, Malakhau Y, Volker E, Ghio AJ, Noble PW, Kraft M, Hollingsworth JW, Gunn MD, Tighe RM Tags: Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol Source Type: research

Age-related Increased Prevalence of Asthma and Nasal Polyps in Chronic Rhinosinusitis and its Association with Altered IL-6 Trans-signaling.
We report that S100 proteins were reduced in chronic rhinosinusitis (CRS) patients. S100A8/9, which is important in epithelial barrier function, was particularly decreased in elderly CRS patients. Epithelial expression of S100A8/9 is partly regulated by the IL-6 trans-signaling pathway. The goal of this study was to investigate whether or not age related reduction of S100A8/9 in CRS is associated with blunting of IL-6 trans-signaling. The levels of IL-6, soluble IL-6 receptor (sIL-6R), soluble gp130 (sgp130), and S100A8/9 from controls (n=10), and patients with CRS without nasal polyps (CRSsNP) (n=13) and CRS with NP (CRSw...
Source: American Journal of Respiratory Cell and Molecular Biology - August 12, 2015 Category: Molecular Biology Authors: Cho SH, Kim DW, Lee SH, Kolliputi N, Hong SJ, Suh L, Norton J, Hulse KE, Seshadri S, Conley DB, Kern RC, Tan BK, Peters A, Grammer LC, Schleimer RP Tags: Am J Respir Cell Mol Biol Source Type: research

No relation between sympathetic outflow to muscles and respiratory function in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
This study analyzed the relation between parameters of respiratory function and muscle sympathetic nerve activity (MSNA) in a large number of ALS patients. (Source: Journal of the Neurological Sciences)
Source: Journal of the Neurological Sciences - August 12, 2015 Category: Neurology Authors: Kazumasa Shindo, Mai Tsuciya, Yuta Ichinose, Akiko Onohara, Megumi Fukumoto, Kishin Koh, Ryusuke Takagi, Nobuo Yamashiro, Fumikazu Kobayashi, Takamura Nagasaka, Yoshihisa Takiyama Source Type: research

Simultaneous staining of sputum smears for acid-fast and lipid-containing can enhance the clinical evaluation of antituberculosis treatments
Dormant, slow-growing, antibiotic-tolerant Mycobacterium tuberculosis undermine the shortening of tuberculosis treatment to less than 6 months and are thought to be characterised by intracellular lipid bodies. Antibiotic effects on such persisting bacilli escape evaluation as they cannot be readily cultured. We identified cells containing lipid bodies in sputum smears from 86 newly diagnosed pulmonary tuberculosis patients and monitored these cells daily in 42 patients over the first 14 days of treatment with rifampicin, the experimental compound SQ-109, or both agents combined. (Source: Tuberculosis)
Source: Tuberculosis - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Xavier A. Kayigire, Sven O. Friedrich, Lize van der Merwe, Peter R. Donald, Andreas H. Diacon Tags: Diagnostics Source Type: research

Direct identification and discernment of and using a real-time RNA isothermal amplification and detection method
The purpose of this work was to establish a real-time simultaneous amplification and testing method for identification and discernment of M. avium and M. intracellulare (SAT-MAC assay) and to evaluate the efficiency with which this method can detect isolated strains and clinical sputum specimens. The specific 16S rRNA sequences of M. avium and M. intracellulare were used as targets to design RNA probes and a reverse transcription primer containing T7 promoter. RNA isothermal amplification and real-time fluorescence detection were performed at 42°C. (Source: Tuberculosis)
Source: Tuberculosis - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Zhenling Cui, Yuanyuan Li, Song Cheng, Hua Yang, Junmei Lu, Honglei Zhu, Zhongyi Hu Tags: Diagnostics Source Type: research

Human Multidrug-resistant infection in Mexico
Here, we describe the molecular characterization of six human Mycobacterium bovis clinical isolates, including three multidrug resistant (MDR) strains, collected in Mexico through the National Survey on Tuberculosis Drug Resistance (ENTB-2008), a nationally representative survey conducted during 2008-2009 in nine states with a stratified cluster sampling design. The genetic background of bovine M. bovis strains identified in three different states of Mexico was studied in parallel to assess molecular relatedness of bovine and human strains. (Source: Tuberculosis)
Source: Tuberculosis - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Carlos A. Vazquez-Chacon, Armando Martínez-Guarneros, David Couvin, Jorge A. González-y-Merchand, Sandra Rivera-Gutierrez, Alejandro Escobar-Gutierrez, Juan J. De-la-Cruz López, Adriana Gomez-Bustamante, Gabriela A. Gonzalez-Macal, Livia Maria Gonçalv Tags: Bovine Tuberculosis Source Type: research

Can daytime measures of lung function predict respiratory failure in children with neuromuscular disease?
(Source: Paediatric Respiratory Reviews)
Source: Paediatric Respiratory Reviews - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: CA Pandit, K Waters, KJ Jones, H Young, DA Fitzgerald Source Type: research

Reproducibility of the bronchoconstrictive response to eucapnic voluntary hyperpnoea
Eucapnic voluntary hyperpnoea (EVH) is considered an effective bronchoprovocation challenge for identifying exercise-induced bronchoconstriction (EIB). However, the reproducibility of the hyperpnoea-induced bronchoconstriction (HIB) response elicited by EVH remains unknown and was therefore the focus of this study. (Source: Respiratory Medicine CME)
Source: Respiratory Medicine CME - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: N.C. Williams, M.A. Johnson, K.A. Hunter, G.R. Sharpe Source Type: research

Searching for the synergistic effect between aclidinium and formoterol: From bench to bedside
Aim of our study was to understand if the interaction between aclidinium and formoterol administered at therapeutic doses leads to a synergistic rather than additive broncholytic effect. We tested the type of effect ex vivo on isolated human bronchi and then in vivo in COPD patients. The analysis of the interaction between aclidinium and formoterol in vitro was measured by applying the Unified Theory, whereas that in COPD patients was measured by applying the Bliss Independence criterion. Aclidinium and formoterol administered alone completely relaxed human isolated bronchial tissues sub-maximally pre-contracted with ACh i...
Source: Respiratory Medicine CME - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Mario Cazzola, Luigino Calzetta, Josuel Ora, Ermanno Puxeddu, Paola Rogliani, Maria Gabriella Matera Source Type: research

Influence of effective noninvasive positive pressure ventilation on inflammatory and cardiovascular biomarkers in stable hypercapnic COPD patients
This study investigated the influence of effective NPPV on a panel of cytokines and established cardiovascular biomarkers. (Source: Respiratory Medicine CME)
Source: Respiratory Medicine CME - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Michael Dreher, Lisa Schulte, Tobias Müller, Emelie Ekkernkamp, Andreas Zirlik Source Type: research

Tiotropium+olodaterol shows clinically meaningful improvements in quality of life
Tiotropium+olodaterol improves lung function and symptoms compared to monotherapies in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The OTEMTO 1 and 2 studies investigated the effects of tiotropium+olodaterol on lung function and health-related quality of life compared to placebo in patients with moderate to severe COPD. (Source: Respiratory Medicine CME)
Source: Respiratory Medicine CME - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Dave Singh, Gary T. Ferguson, Josef Bolitschek, Lars Grönke, Christoph Hallmann, Nathan Bennett, Roger Abrahams, Olaf Schmidt, Leif Bjermer Source Type: research

Secondary Voice Restoration After Laryngotracheal Separation (LTS) for Dysphagia with Intractable Aspiration
In this study, we present a modified laryngotracheal separation (LTS) technique that, we believe, offers multiple advantages compared to standard TL. After reviewing the medical records of 35 patients with intractable aspiration who have undergone LTS, we describe the surgical technique and present the postoperative result. In a second surgical procedure about two months following LTS, we aimed to achieve voice restoration by placement of an indwelling voice prosthesis. Intractable aspiration was successfully treated in all patients. Placement of an indwelling voice prosthesis during a second operation was successful in 15...
Source: Dysphagia - August 12, 2015 Category: Speech Therapy Source Type: research

Inhibition of porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome virus replication in vitro using DNA-based short antisense oligonucleotides
Conclusion: The results presented here indicate that DNA-based antisense oligonucleotides can effectively inhibit PRRSV replication in MARC-145 cells and in PAM. Furthermore, comparing with the reported hit rates (approximately 10-30 %), we achieved a higher success rate (44 %). The strategy we took to design the antisense sequences might be applied to select AS-ONs that more efficiently reduce the expression of target genes. (Source: BMC Veterinary Research)
Source: BMC Veterinary Research - August 12, 2015 Category: Veterinary Research Authors: Longlong ZhengXiang LiLingyun ZhuWengui LiJunlong BiGuishu YangGefen YinJianping Liu Source Type: research

Sedative and cardiopulmonary effects of xylazine alone or in combination with methadone, morphine or tramadol in sheep
Conclusions and clinical relevanceThe combinations of methadone, morphine or tramadol with xylazine resulted in cardiopulmonary changes similar to those induced by xylazine alone in sheep. The combinations provided better sedation, principally at 15 minutes and 30 minutes following administration. (Source: Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia)
Source: Veterinary Anaesthesia and Analgesia - August 12, 2015 Category: Veterinary Research Authors: Leonardo L Carvalho, Lilian T Nishimura, Luisa PB Borges, Sofia A Cerejo, Isadora OJ Villela, Adam Auckburally, Ewaldo Mattos‐Junior Tags: Research Paper Source Type: research

Prone positioning in acute respiratory distress syndrome.
Abstract Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is a condition with a high morbidity and mortality rate, and treatment is often long and costly. Prone positioning is a rarely used intervention for patients with this syndrome, although research suggests it may be effective. A literature search was undertaken to examine the effects of prone positioning on oxygenation, morbidity and mortality in patients with ARDS. It revealed that prone positioning, when used with low tidal volume ventilation over an extended period, may reduce mortality rates in selected patients with severe ARDS. The selection of patients with ...
Source: Nursing Standard - August 12, 2015 Category: Nursing Authors: Gibson K, Dufault M, Bergeron K Tags: Nurs Stand Source Type: research

The role of Th17 and Treg responses in the pathogenesis of RSV infection.
Abstract The respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) represents the leading cause of viral bronchiolitis and pneumonia in children worldwide and is associated with high morbidity, hospitalisation rate and significant mortality rates. The immune response elicited by RSV is one of the main factors contributing to the pathogenesis of the disease. Two subsets of the cellular immune response, the T helper 17 cell (Th17) and the regulatory T cell (Treg), and more particularly the balance between these two subsets, might play a significant role in the pathogenesis of the RSV infection. The developmental pathways of Th17 and Tre...
Source: Pediatric Research - August 12, 2015 Category: Pediatrics Authors: Mangodt TC, Van Herck MA, Nullens S, Ramet J, De Dooy JJ, Jorens PG, De Winter BY Tags: Pediatr Res Source Type: research

Spontaneous breathing trial in t-tube negativelly impact on autonomic modulation of heart rate compared with pressure support in critically ill patients.
CONCLUSION: Acute effects of TT mode may be closely linked to cardiorespiratory mismatches and cardiac autonomic imbalance in critically ill patients. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved. PMID: 26269215 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Respiratory Care)
Source: Respiratory Care - August 12, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Güntzel AM, Chiappa GR, Cipriano G, Moraes RS, Borghi-Silva A, Vieira SR Tags: Clin Respir J Source Type: research

Cardioprotective effects of timosaponin B II from Anemarrhenae asphodeloides Bge on isoproterenol-induced myocardial infarction in rats.
Abstract The aim of the present study was to investigate the cardioprotective effects of Timosaponin B II (TB), a main bioactive constituent from Anemarrhenae asphodeloides Bge, on an isoproterenol (ISO)-induced myocardial infarction model in rats and explore its underlying mechanisms. Rats were treated with TB (50 mg/kg, 100 mg/kg) or diltiazem hydrochloride (DH, 5 mg/kg) by gastric gavage for five days. At the 4(th) and 5(th) days, myocardial injury was induced by ISO injection (85 mg/kg) at an interval of 24 h for 2 consecutive days. After the induction, rats were anaesthetized with pentobarbital sodium (30 mg/k...
Source: Chemico-Biological Interactions - August 12, 2015 Category: Molecular Biology Authors: Deng XY, Chen JJ, Li HY, Ma ZQ, Ma SP, Fu Q Tags: Chem Biol Interact Source Type: research

Ex vivo modeling of feline herpesvirus replication in ocular and respiratory mucosae, the primary targets of infection.
Abstract Feline herpesvirus 1 (FeHV-1) is a major cause of rhinotracheitis and ocular diseases in cats. In the present study, the viral replication at the primary infection sites was studied using feline respiratory and ocular mucosa explants. The explants of three cats were maintained in an air-liquid culture up to 96hours without loss of viability. After inoculation with FeHV-1 (C27), no evidence of infection was noted in corneal epithelium, while plaque-wise replication was observed in conjunctival and tracheal mucosae beginning from 24hours post inoculation (hpi). The viral plaque diameters increased over time ...
Source: Virus Research - August 12, 2015 Category: Virology Authors: Li Y, Cleemput JV, Qiu Y, Reddy VR, Mateusen B, Nauwynck HJ Tags: Virus Res Source Type: research

Identification of CCL2, RARRES2 and EFNB2 as Host Cell Factors that Influence the Multistep Replication of Respiratory Syncytial Virus.
Abstract Human respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a major causative agent of respiratory tract infections in children worldwide. Preterm children or those with underlying cardiopulmonary disorders are at particularly high risk of developing severe and lethal RSV respiratory tract infections; however, there are currently no effective vaccines or anti-viral drugs. To identify targets for the development of drugs to treat RSV infections, we investigated host cell factors involved in the replication of RSV. To this end, MDCK cells with low susceptibility to RSV were transfected with cDNA libraries derived from RSV-su...
Source: Virus Research - August 12, 2015 Category: Virology Authors: Shirato K, Ujike M, Kawase M, Matsuyama S Tags: Virus Res Source Type: research