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A systematic review of central sleep apnea in adult patients with chronic kidney disease
Conclusion The aggregate point prevalence of CSA in CKD is 9.6 %, although the estimated range is highly variable between 0 and 75 %. Limited evidence suggested that even after adjustment for cardiovascular comorbidities, CKD is independently associated with CSA. It is unknown if patients on dialysis are at increased risk compared to patients without end-stage renal disease. Standardization of polysomnographic criteria used to define CSA and sleep disordered breathing (SDB) as well as inclusion of central hypopneas in the overall CSA index will limit the heterogeneity and allow better estimation of the prevalen...
Source: Sleep and Breathing - January 27, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Validity of transcutaneous PCO in monitoring chronic hypoventilation treated with non-invasive ventilation
With the device tested, in stable patients under NIV treatment for CRF, PtcCO2 accurately reflects PaCO2. PtcCO2 can be used to monitor CO2 overnight during NIV without any clinically significant drift.Trial registration N° NCT01845233 (Source: Respiratory Medicine CME)
Source: Respiratory Medicine CME - January 27, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Sigurd Aarrestad, Elin Tollefsen, Anne Louise Kleiven, Magnus Qvarfort, Jean-Paul Janssens, Ole Henning Skjønsberg Source Type: research

Glucose tolerance and cardiovascular risk biomarkers in non-diabetic non-obese obstructive sleep apnea patients: effects of long-term continuous positive airway pressure
Insulin resistance, glucose dyshomeostasis and oxidative stress are associated to the cardiovascular consequences of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). The effects of a long-term continuous positive airway pressure (LT-CPAP) treatment on such mechanisms still remain conflicting. (Source: Respiratory Medicine CME)
Source: Respiratory Medicine CME - January 27, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: D. Monneret, R. Tamisier, V. Ducros, P. Faure, S. Halimi, J.P. Baguet, P. Lévy, J.L. Pépin, A.L. Borel Source Type: research

Measurement of fecal elastase improves performance of newborn screening for cystic fibrosis
This study compares the performance of three different algorithms for further diagnostic evaluations when first ST is unsuccessful, regarding the numbers of children detected with CF and CFSPID, and the time until a definite diagnosis. (Source: Journal of Cystic Fibrosis)
Source: Journal of Cystic Fibrosis - January 27, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Juerg Barben, Corina S. Rueegg, Maja Jurca, Johannes Spalinger, Claudia E. Kuehni, the Swiss Cystic Fibrosis Screening Group Tags: Short Communication Source Type: research

The assessment of new drugs for asthma and COPD: a Delphi study examining the perspectives of Italian payers and clinicians
Conclusion The final document highlights that no proof of difference among drugs exists, that evidence on final endpoints (and particularly on mortality) should be strengthened and that actions regarding risk factors, appropriate diagnosis, patient staging and adherence to therapy are particularly important for a better clinical management. (Source: Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine)
Source: Multidisciplinary Respiratory Medicine - January 27, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Excess mortality due to respiratory causes in patients with rheumatoid arthritis should be interpreted in the context of ‘never' or ‘ever' smoking and may be due to interstitial lung disease: Comment on the article by Sparks et al.
(Source: Arthritis Care and Research)
Source: Arthritis Care and Research - January 27, 2016 Category: Rheumatology Authors: Sarah Twigg Tags: Letter to the Editor Source Type: research

Authors' reply to the letter “Mortality due to respiratory causes in rheumatoid arthritis should be interpreted in the context of ‘ever' smoking and may be due to ILD”
(Source: Arthritis Care and Research)
Source: Arthritis Care and Research - January 27, 2016 Category: Rheumatology Authors: Jeffrey A. Sparks, Shun‐Chiao Chang, Elizabeth W. Karlson Tags: Reply to Letter to the Editor Source Type: research

Inhaled non-steroid anti-inflammatories for children and adults with bronchiectasis.
CONCLUSIONS: No new studies of adults or children have been conducted since the last version of this review was published. Therefore, final conclusions have not changed. Current evidence is insufficient to support or refute the use of inhaled NSAIDs for the management of bronchiectasis in adults or children. One small trial reported a reduction in sputum production and improved dyspnoea among adults with chronic lung disease who were treated with inhaled indomethacin, indicating that additional studies on the efficacy of NSAIDs for treatment of patients with bronchiectasis are warranted. PMID: 26816298 [PubMed - as sup...
Source: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews - January 27, 2016 Category: Journals (General) Authors: Pizzutto SJ, Upham JW, Yerkovich ST, Chang AB Tags: Cochrane Database Syst Rev Source Type: research

[MRI methods for pulmonary ventilation and perfusion imaging].
Abstract CLINICAL/METHODICAL ISSUE: Separate assessment of respiratory mechanics, gas exchange and pulmonary circulation is essential for the diagnosis and therapy of pulmonary diseases. Due to the global character of the information obtained clinical lung function tests are often not sufficiently specific in the differential diagnosis or have a limited sensitivity in the detection of early pathological changes. STANDARD RADIOLOGICAL METHODS: The standard procedures of pulmonary imaging are computed tomography (CT) for depiction of the morphology as well as perfusion/ventilation scintigraphy and single photon e...
Source: Der Radiologe - January 27, 2016 Category: Radiology Authors: Sommer G, Bauman G Tags: Radiologe Source Type: research

Five Year Mortality and Hospital Costs Associated With Surviving Intensive Care.
Conclusions This complete, national study demonstrates that ICU survivorship is associated with higher five-year mortality and hospital resource utilisation than hospital controls representing a substantial burden on individuals, care-givers and society. PMID: 26815887 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine)
Source: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine - January 27, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Lone NI, Gillies MA, Haddow C, Dobbie R, Rowan KM, Wild SH, Murray GD, Walsh TS Tags: Am J Respir Crit Care Med Source Type: research

Disappearing Post-pneumonectomy Pleural Fluid Without Bronchopleural fistula.
PMID: 26815762 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine)
Source: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine - January 27, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Smith DA, Gillespie C, DeCamp MM, Bharat A Tags: Am J Respir Crit Care Med Source Type: research

Toll-like Receptor 7 is Reduced in Severe Asthma and Linked to Altered MicroRNA Profile.
Abstract RATIONALE: Asthma is one of the commonest chronic diseases worldwide and severe asthma sufferers experience recurrent exacerbations. Exacerbations are predominantly viral-associated and have been linked to defective airway interferon responses. Ascertaining the molecular mechanisms underlying this deficiency is a major research goal in order to identify new therapeutic targets. OBJECTIVES: We investigated the hypothesis that reduced toll-like receptor (TLR) 7-derived signalling was driving the impaired interferon responses to rhinovirus by asthmatic alveolar macrophages (AMs) and molecular mechanisms u...
Source: American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine - January 27, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Rupani H, Martinez-Nunez RT, Dennison P, Lau LC, Jayasekera N, Havelock T, Francisco-Garcia AS, Grainge C, Howarth PH, Sanchez-Elsner T Tags: Am J Respir Crit Care Med Source Type: research

[Research Articles] USF1 deficiency activates brown adipose tissue and improves cardiometabolic health
USF1 (upstream stimulatory factor 1) is a transcription factor associated with familial combined hyperlipidemia and coronary artery disease in humans. However, whether USF1 is beneficial or detrimental to cardiometabolic health has not been addressed. By inactivating USF1 in mice, we demonstrate protection against diet-induced dyslipidemia, obesity, insulin resistance, hepatic steatosis, and atherosclerosis. The favorable plasma lipid profile, including increased high-density lipoprotein cholesterol and decreased triglycerides, was coupled with increased energy expenditure due to activation of brown adipose tissue (BAT). U...
Source: Science Translational Medicine - January 27, 2016 Category: Biomedical Science Authors: Laurila, P.-P., Soronen, J., Kooijman, S., Forsstrom, S., Boon, M. R., Surakka, I., Kaiharju, E., Coomans, C. P., Van Den Berg, S. A. A., Autio, A., Sarin, A.-P., Kettunen, J., Tikkanen, E., Manninen, T., Metso, J., Silvennoinen, R., Merikanto, K., Ruuth, Tags: Research Articles Source Type: research

Thalamic Mediation of Hypoxic Respiratory Depression in Lambs.
This study determined whether the thalamic parafascicular nuclear (Pf) complex involved in adult nociception and sensorimotor regulation (8) also becomes a postnatal controller of hypoxic ventilatory decline. Respiratory responses to moderate isocapnic hypoxia were studied in conscious lambs. Hypoxic ventilatory decline was compared to peak augmentation. Pf and/or adjacent thalamic structures were destroyed by the neuron-specific toxin ibotenic acid (IB). IB lesions involving thalamic Pf abolished hypoxic ventilatory decline. Lesions of adjacent thalamic nuclei that spared Pf as well as control injections of vehicle failed...
Source: American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology - January 27, 2016 Category: Physiology Authors: Koos BJ, Rajaee A, Ibe BO, Guerra C, Kruger L Tags: Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol Source Type: research

Ventilation changes associated with hatching and maturation of an endothermic phenotype in the Pekin duck, Anas platyrhynchos domestica.
Abstract Precocial birds begin embryonic life with an ectothermic metabolic phenotype and rapidly develop an endothermic phenotype after hatching. Switching to a high-energy, endothermic phenotype requires high-functioning respiratory and cardiovascular systems to deliver sufficient environmental oxygen to the tissues. We measured tidal volume (VT), breathing frequency (ƒ), minute ventilation (VE), and whole-animal oxygen consumption (VO2) in response to gradual cooling from 37.5°C (externally pipped paranates - EP) or 35°C (hatchlings) to 20°C along with response to hypercapnia during developmental transition ...
Source: American Journal of Physiology. Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physiology - January 27, 2016 Category: Physiology Authors: Sirsat TS, Dzialowski EM Tags: Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol Source Type: research

Respiratory gating algorithm helps to reconstruct more accurate electroanatomical maps during atrial fibrillation ablation performed under spontaneous respiration
Conclusions The use of the novel respiratory gating algorithm might improve the accuracy of electroanatomical mapping during left atrial ablation under conscious sedation. The possible impact on the effectiveness of the ablation needs to be further evaluated. (Source: Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology)
Source: Journal of Interventional Cardiac Electrophysiology - January 27, 2016 Category: Cardiology Source Type: research

Thalassobius litorarius sp. nov., isolated from tidal flat.
Abstract A Gram-negative, aerobic, non-motile, and rod-shaped bacterium belonging to the family Rhodobacteraceae, designated strain MME-075T, was isolated from a tidal flat. Strain MME-075T grew with 1-5 % (w/v) NaCl at 20-35 ºC and pH 7-9, and optimal growth occurred with 2 % (w/v) NaCl at 25-30 ºC and pH 7. The dominant respiratory quinone was ubiquinone-10, whereas summed feature 8 (C18:1 ω7c and/or C18:1 ω6c), 11-methyl C18:1 ω7c, and C16:0 were the major fatty acids. The major polar lipids were phosphatidylcholine, phosphatidylethanolamine, phosphatidylglycerol, and an unidentified lipid. Genomic DNA G+C ...
Source: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology - January 27, 2016 Category: Microbiology Authors: Park I, Cha IT, Seo MJ Tags: Int J Syst Evol Microbiol Source Type: research

Marinagarivorans algicola gen. nov., sp. nov., isolated from marine algae.
Abstract Novel agar-degrading, Gram-staining-negative, motile, heterotrophic, facultatively anaerobic and pale yellow-pigmented bacterial strains, designated Z1T and JL1, were isolated from marine algae Gelidium amansii (Lamouroux) and Gracilaria verrucosa, respectively. Growth of the isolates was optimal at 28-30 °C, pH 7.0-7.5 and 1-3% (w/v) NaCl. Both strains contained Q-8 as the sole respiratory quinone. The major cellular fatty acids in strain Z1T were C18:1 ω7c, C16:0 and summed feature 3 (C16:1 ω7c and/or iso-C15:0 2-OH). The predominant polar lipids in strain Z1T were phosphatidylethanolamine (PE), phosp...
Source: International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology - January 27, 2016 Category: Microbiology Authors: Guo LY, Li DQ, Sang J, Chen GJ, Du ZJ Tags: Int J Syst Evol Microbiol Source Type: research

Progress toward a Respiratory Syncytial Virus Vaccine.
Abstract In this issue of Clinical and Vaccine Immunology, Acosta et al. describes the history and immune mechanisms underlying vaccine-enhanced respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) disease, and Vissers et al investigate mucosal antibodies and their association with viral load in RSV infected children. This commentary discusses RSV vaccine candidates, target populations, and the challenges associated with achieving a safe and effective vaccine. PMID: 26818954 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Clinical and Vaccine Immunology)
Source: Clinical and Vaccine Immunology - January 27, 2016 Category: Allergy & Immunology Authors: Neuzil KM Tags: Clin Vaccine Immunol Source Type: research

Identification of protein-protein interactions between the TatB and TatC subunits of the twin-arginine translocase system and respiratory enzyme specific chaperones.
Abstract The Twin-arginine translocation (Tat) pathway serves for translocation of fully folded proteins across the cytoplasmic membrane in bacterial and chloroplast thylakoid membranes. The Escherichia coli Tat system consists of three core components: TatA, TatB, and TatC. The TatB and TatC subunits form the receptor complex for Tat dependent proteins. The TatB protein is composed of a single transmembrane helix and cytoplasmic domain. The structure of TatC revealed six transmembrane helices. Redox Enzyme Maturation Proteins (REMPs) are system specific chaperones, which play roles in the maturation of Tat depende...
Source: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - January 27, 2016 Category: Biochemistry Authors: Kuzniatsova L, Winstone TM, Turner RJ Tags: Biochim Biophys Acta Source Type: research

[Management of gastroesophageal reflux in children. Single centre experience in conventional and laparoscopic Nissen fundoplication in the last 15 years].
CONCLUSIONS: The LNF is an effective technique for the treatment of gastroesophageal reflux, with lower morbidity and shorter hospital stay than CNF. It is recommended as the first surgical option. PMID: 26826758 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Anales de Pediatria)
Source: Anales de Pediatria - January 27, 2016 Category: Pediatrics Authors: Betancourth-Alvarenga JE, Garrido Pérez JI, Castillo Fernández AL, Murcia Pascual FJ, Cárdenas Elias MA, Escassi Gil A, Paredes-Esteban RM Tags: An Pediatr (Barc) Source Type: research

Spanish Compliance With Guidelines for Prescribing Four Drugs in the Intensive Phase of Standard Tuberculosis Treatment.
CONCLUSIONS: A large proportion of TB patients receive intensive treatment with 3 drugs. TB treatment recommendations should be followed, both in routine clinical practice and by the National Plan for Prevention and Control of Tuberculosis in Spain. PMID: 26826890 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Archivos de Bronconeumologia)
Source: Archivos de Bronconeumologia - January 27, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: García-García JM, Rodrigo T, Casals M, Ruiz-Manzano J, Pascual-Pascual T, Caylà JA, Grupo de Trabajo del Programa Integrado de Investigación en Tuberculosis (PIITB) Tags: Arch Bronconeumol Source Type: research

Alternaria alternata allergens: Markers of exposure, phylogeny and risk of fungi-induced respiratory allergy.
Abstract Alternaria alternata spores are considered a well-known biological contaminant and a very common potent aeroallergen source that is found in environmental samples. The most intense exposure to A. alternata allergens is likely to occur outdoors; however, Alternaria and other allergenic fungi can colonize in indoor environments and thereby increase the fungal aeroallergen exposure levels. A consequence of human exposure to fungal aeroallergens, sensitization to A. alternata, has been unequivocally associated with increased asthma severity. Among allergenic proteins described in this fungal specie, the major ...
Source: Environment International - January 27, 2016 Category: Environmental Health Authors: Gabriel MF, Postigo I, Tomaz CT, Martínez J Tags: Environ Int Source Type: research

Exhaled and non-exhaled non-invasive markers for assessment of respiratory inflammation in patients with stable COPD and healthy smokers
We aimed at comparing exhaled and non-exhaled non-invasive markers of respiratory inflammation in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and healthy subjects and define their relationships with smoking habit. Forty-eight patients with stable COPD who were ex-smokers, 17 patients with stable COPD who were current smokers, 12 healthy current smokers and 12 healthy ex-smokers were included in a cross-sectional, observational study. Inflammatory outcomes, including prostaglandin (PG) E 2 and 15-F 2t -isoprostane (15-F 2t -IsoP) concentrations in exhaled breath condensate (EBC) and sputum supernatants,...
Source: Journal of Breath Research - January 27, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Giuseppe Santini, Nadia Mores, Rugia Shohreh, Salvatore Valente, Malgorzata Dabrowska, Andrea Trové, Gina Zini, Paola Cattani, Leonello Fuso, Antonella Mautone, Chiara Mondino, Gabriella Pagliari, Angelo Sala, Giancarlo Folco, Marina Aiello, Roberta Pisi Source Type: research

Effect of variations of the complexity of the target variable on the assessment of Wiener–Granger causality in cardiovascular control studies
We hypothesized that Wiener–Granger causality (WGC) indexes might have different abilities in coping with modifications of the complexity of the target variable in the context of the assessment of the cardiovascular control from spontaneous fluctuations of heart period (HP), systolic arterial pressure (SAP) and respiratory activity (R). After having defined the universe of knowledge as the set Ω  =  {HP, SAP, R} and the unpredictability decrement (UPD) as the difference between the prediction error variances of the target signal computed in Ω after excluding the presumed cause (i.e. the restricted Ω) and...
Source: Physiological Measurement - January 27, 2016 Category: Physiology Authors: Alberto Porta, Vlasta Bari, Andrea Marchi, Beatrice De Maria, Anielle C M Takahashi, Stefano Guzzetti, Riccardo Colombo, Aparecida M Catai and Ferdinando Raimondi Source Type: research

Association of Cognitive Function With Cause-Specific Mortality in Middle and Older Age: Follow-up of Participants in the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing.
We examined the little-tested associations between general cognitive function in middle and older age and later risk of death from chronic diseases. In the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (2002-2012), 11,391 study participants who were 50-100 years of age at study induction underwent a battery of cognitive tests and provided a range of collateral data. In an analytical sample of 9,204 people (4,982 women), there were 1,488 deaths during follow-up (mean duration, 9.0 years). When we combined scores from 4 cognition tests that represented 3 acknowledged key domains of cognitive functioning (memory, executive function, a...
Source: Am J Epidemiol - January 26, 2016 Category: Epidemiology Authors: Batty GD, Deary IJ, Zaninotto P Tags: Am J Epidemiol Source Type: research

Pulmonary lesions in the course of gastric cancer - two cases of Bard's syndrome.
Abstract The Bard's syndrome is a medical condition related to miliary dissemination of gastric cancer to the lungs. Difficulties in diagnosis are associated with the need of differentiation between numerous diseases, which may manifest as disseminated lesions in the lung parenchyma on chest X-ray. Despite the advanced proliferative process, primary focus of neoplasm frequently remains subclinical. Metastatic lesions cause many symptoms in the respiratory system, suggesting primary pulmonary pathology. The Bard's syndrome should be always taken into account in differential diagnosis of disseminated lesions, particu...
Source: Pneumonologia i Alergologia Polska - January 26, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Zieliński M, Ochman M, Głowacki J, Kozielski J Tags: Pneumonol Alergol Pol Source Type: research

Typing safe antibiotics in amoxicillin hypersensitive patients - development of a stepwise protocol.
CONCLUSION: A stepwise approach including SPTs, ICTs and provocations with amoxicillin / cefuroxime/macrolide - depending on a patient's history - is safe and allows typing an antibiotic in the vast majority of patients. PMID: 26806417 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Pneumonologia i Alergologia Polska)
Source: Pneumonologia i Alergologia Polska - January 26, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Specjalski K, Kita-Milczarska K, Chełmińska M, Jassem E Tags: Pneumonol Alergol Pol Source Type: research

European Spirometry Driving License in Poland - first polish spirometry training in the framework of ERS HERMES Spirometry project.
PMID: 26806416 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Pneumonologia i Alergologia Polska)
Source: Pneumonologia i Alergologia Polska - January 26, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Tomalak W, Franczuk M, Kuca P, Czajkowska-Malinowska M Tags: Pneumonol Alergol Pol Source Type: research

Acidic pH increases airway surface liquid viscosity in cystic fibrosis
Cystic fibrosis (CF) disrupts respiratory host defenses, allowing bacterial infection, inflammation, and mucus accumulation to progressively destroy the lungs. Our previous studies revealed that mucus with abnormal behavior impaired mucociliary transport in newborn CF piglets prior to the onset of secondary manifestations. To further investigate mucus abnormalities, here we studied airway surface liquid (ASL) collected from newborn piglets and ASL on cultured airway epithelia. Fluorescence recovery after photobleaching revealed that the viscosity of CF ASL was increased relative to that of non-CF ASL. CF ASL had a reduced ...
Source: Journal of Clinical Investigation - January 26, 2016 Category: Biomedical Science Authors: Xiao Xiao Tang, Lynda S. Ostedgaard, Mark J. Hoegger, Thomas O. Moninger, Philip H. Karp, James D. McMenimen, Biswa Choudhury, Ajit Varki, David A. Stoltz, Michael J. Welsh Source Type: research

[Importance of comorbidities in the anemia of COPD: Economic implications and 3-year survival analysis].
CONCLUSIONS: Anemia is easy to diagnose in COPD from the blood gas analysis. It is frequently linked to the presence of comorbidities - mainly cardiovascular diseases - and is the more important predictive factor of the 3-year mortality. There was a tendency towards an increase in the costs of hospitalizations in anemic patients but this remains to be confirmed in a larger economic study. PMID: 26803449 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Revue des Maladies Respiratoires)
Source: Revue des Maladies Respiratoires - January 26, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Tags: Rev Mal Respir Source Type: research

Issue Information
(Source: Respirology Case Reports)
Source: Respirology Case Reports - January 26, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Tags: Issue Information Source Type: research

Efficacy and long‐term outcomes of palivizumab prophylaxis to prevent respiratory syncytial virus infection in infants with cystic fibrosis in Northern Ireland
ConclusionPalivizumab was effective in reducing RSV‐related hospitalization infection in CF patients. Surprisingly, we found a significantly earlier time to 1st isolate of PA in palivizumab recipients which we could not explain by altered or improved diagnostic tests. Pediatr Pulmonol. © 2016 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. (Source: Pediatric Pulmonology)
Source: Pediatric Pulmonology - January 26, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: H.E. Groves, L. Jenkins, M. Macfarlane, A. Reid, F. Lynn, M.D. Shields Tags: Original Article: Cystic Fibrosis Source Type: research

Bubble CPAP Support after Discontinuation of Mechanical Ventilation Protects Rat Lungs with Ventilator-Induced Lung Injury
Conclusions: BCPAP decreases lung injury in rats with VILI after stopping mechanical ventilation. Attenuation of lung NOS3 expression may be one of the underlying mechanisms.Respiration (Source: Respiration)
Source: Respiration - January 26, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Gastroesophageal Reflux in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis: More than a Gut Feeling?
Respiration 2016;91:1-2 (Source: Respiration)
Source: Respiration - January 26, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Airway epithelial repair in health and disease: Orchestrator or simply a player?
Abstract Epithelial cells represent the most important surface of contact in the body and form the first line of defence of the body to external environment. Consequently, epithelia have numerous roles in order to maintain a homeostatic defence barrier. Although the epithelium has been extensively studied over several decades, it remains the focus of new research, indicating a lack of understanding that continues to exist around these cells in specific disease settings. Importantly, evidence is emerging that airway epithelial cells in particular have varied complex functions rather than simple passive roles. One area of cu...
Source: Respirology - January 26, 2016 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Thomas Iosifidis, Luke W. Garratt, Deirdre R. Coombe, Darryl A. Knight, Stephen M. Stick, Anthony Kicic Tags: Invited Review Source Type: research

Complex I function in mitochondrial supercomplexes
This article is part of a Special Issue entitled Respiratory complex I, edited by Volker Zickermann and Ulrich Brandt (Source: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) Bioenergetics)
Source: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA) Bioenergetics - January 26, 2016 Category: Biochemistry Source Type: research

Functional plasticity in the respiratory drive to thoracic motoneurons in the segment above a chronic lateral spinal cord lesion
A previous neurophysiological investigation demonstrated an increase in functional projections of expiratory bulbospinal neurons (EBSNs) in the segment above a chronic lateral thoracic spinal cord lesion that severed their axons. We have now investigated how this plasticity might be manifested in thoracic motoneurons by measuring their respiratory drive and the connections to them from individual EBSNs. In anesthetized cats, simultaneous recordings were made intracellularly from motoneurons in the segment above a left-side chronic (16 wk) lesion of the spinal cord in the rostral part of T8, T9, or T10 and extracellularly f...
Source: Journal of Neurophysiology - January 26, 2016 Category: Neurology Authors: Ford, T. W., Anissimova, N. P., Meehan, C. F., Kirkwood, P. A. Tags: Control Of Movement Source Type: research

Lethal Disorder of Mitochondrial Fission Caused by Mutations in
We describe two infants with hypotonia, absent respiratory effort, and giant mitochondria in neurons due to compound heterozygosity for 2 nonsense mutations of DNM1L. DNM1L has a critical role in regulating mitochondrial morphology and function. This observation confirms the central role of mitochondrial fission to normal human development. (Source: The Journal of Pediatrics)
Source: The Journal of Pediatrics - January 26, 2016 Category: Pediatrics Authors: Grace Yoon, Zeenat Malam, Tara Paton, Christian R. Marshall, Ella Hyatt, Zhenya Ivakine, Stephen W. Scherer, Kyong-Soon Lee, Cynthia Hawkins, Ronald D. Cohn, Finding of Rare Disease Genes (FORGE) in Canada Consortium Steering Committee Tags: Clinical and Laboratory Observations Source Type: research

Ebola Care and Lack of Consensus on Personal Protective Respiratory Equipment
The Ebola epidemic in West Africa presents a considerable occupational risk to the health personnel involved. The principal mode of virus transmission to health care personnel is through direct contact with the patient, although transmission by aerosols through the air may also occur. Many safety protocols have been suggested relating to personal protection and particularly respiratory protection. It is generally agreed that all health care workers should have easy access to personal protective equipment. However, the degree of respiratory safety escalates from a mask, to an adequate respirator, and finally to a whole body...
Source: Workplace Health and Safety - January 26, 2016 Category: Occupational Health Authors: Hanoa, R. O., Moen, B. E. Tags: Professional Practice Source Type: research