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Morbidity, mortality and survival after surgery for lung cancer.
PMID: 25857573 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Archivos de Bronconeumologia)
Source: Archivos de Bronconeumologia - April 6, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Freixinet Gilart J, Rodríguez Suárez PM Tags: Arch Bronconeumol Source Type: research

UPR(mt)-mediated cytoprotection and organismal aging.
Abstract Time or age-dependent accumulation of mitochondrial damage and dysfunction is strongly associated with aging [1]. Thus, a major biomedical goal is to identify and therapeutically manipulate those inherent programs that protect against mitochondrial dysfunction to promote cell survival and organismal health. The mitochondrial unfolded protein response (UPR(mt)) is such a protective transcriptional response mediated by mitochondrial-to-nuclear signaling that includes mitochondrial proteostasis genes to stabilize mitochondrial function, metabolic adaptations, as well as an innate immunity program. Here, we re...
Source: Biochimica et Biophysica Acta - April 6, 2015 Category: Biochemistry Authors: Schulz AM, Haynes CM Tags: Biochim Biophys Acta Source Type: research

Microbial dehalogenation of organohalides in marine and estuarine environments.
Abstract Marine sediments are the ultimate sink and a major entry way into the food chain for many highly halogenated and strongly hydrophobic organic pollutants, such as polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins (PCDDs), polybrominated diphenylethers (PBDEs) and 1,1,1-trichloro-2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl)ethane (DDT). Microbial reductive dehalogenation in anaerobic sediments can transform these contaminants into less toxic and more easily biodegradable products. Although little is still known about the diversity of respiratory dehalogenating bacteria and their catabolic genes in marine habita...
Source: Current Opinion in Biotechnology - April 6, 2015 Category: Biotechnology Authors: Zanaroli G, Negroni A, Häggblom MM, Fava F Tags: Curr Opin Biotechnol Source Type: research

Extremely obese patients treated with venovenous extracorporeal membrane oxygenation—an intensivist’s challenge
We report on 2 surgical patients (BMI > 70 kg/m2) with postoperative acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) treated with extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). The first patient developed severe pneumonia with ARDS on the fourth day postsurgical intervention, and venovenous ECMO was performed. (Source: The American Journal of Emergency Medicine)
Source: The American Journal of Emergency Medicine - April 6, 2015 Category: Emergency Medicine Authors: Christopher Ull, Dirk Buchwald, Justus Strauch, Thomas Armin Schildhauer, Justyna Swol Tags: Case Report Source Type: research

Multichannel Endobronchial HDR Catheter Respiratory Motion and Resultant Dosimetric Variation
Retrospective analysis of intrafraction longitudinal catheter motion and resultant dose variation in multichannel endobronchial HDR using 4DCT scans. (Source: Brachytherapy)
Source: Brachytherapy - April 5, 2015 Category: Cancer & Oncology Authors: Sean Xavier Cavanaugh, Adria Vidovic, Tony Law, Rabih Bechara, Christopher Parks, Jikun Wei, John Swanson Source Type: research

Risk factors for transient dysfunction of gas exchange after cardiac surgery
Conclusion: Preoperative hypertension and cardiogenic shock were associated with the occurrence of postoperative transient dysfunction of gas exchange. The preoperative risk factors included hypertension, cardiogenic shock, and diabetes. Postoperatively, pneumonia, ventilator-associated pneumonia, renal replacement therapy, hemotherapy, and cardiac arrhythmia were associated with the appearance of some degree of transient dysfunction of gas exchange, which was a risk factor for reintubation, pneumonia, ventilator-associated pneumonia, and renal replacement therapy in the postoperative period of cardiac surgery and cardiac ...
Source: Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular - April 5, 2015 Category: Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Source Type: research

Analysis of steps adapted protocol in cardiac rehabilitation in the hospital phase
Conclusion: This evolution program by steps can to guide the physical rehabilitation at the hospital in patients after cardiac surgery. Objetivo: Analisar o protocolo adaptado de reabilitação cardíaca na fisioterapia durante a fase hospitalar pós-operatória de cirurgia cardíaca em um serviço de alta complexidade, nos aspectos complicações e prevalência de mortalidade e dias de internação. Métodos: Estudo observacional transversal, retrospectivo, analítico. Realizado por meio da investigação de 99 prontuários de pacientes submetidos à cirurgia cardíaca de revascularização do miocárdio, troca de valva c...
Source: Revista Brasileira de Cirurgia Cardiovascular - April 5, 2015 Category: Cardiovascular & Thoracic Surgery Source Type: research

Expectorant and Antitussive Effect of Hedera helix and Rhizoma coptidis Extracts Mixture.
CONCLUSION: This study provides evidence for antitussive and expectorant effect of a 3:1 mixture of HH and RC, which may be a useful therapeutic option for respiratory diseases. PMID: 25837191 [PubMed - in process] (Source: Yonsei Medical Journal)
Source: Yonsei Medical Journal - April 5, 2015 Category: Universities & Medical Training Authors: Song KJ, Shin YJ, Lee KR, Lee EJ, Suh YS, Kim KS Tags: Yonsei Med J Source Type: research

In vitro evaluation of the antiviral properties of Shilajit and investigation of its mechanisms of action
Conclusions The results of the present study demonstrate that Shilajit is endowed with broad, yet specific, antiviral activity in vitro and constitutes a natural source of antiviral substances. Further work remains to be done to assess its efficacy in vivo. Graphical abstract (Source: Journal of Ethnopharmacology)
Source: Journal of Ethnopharmacology - April 5, 2015 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research

Ethnomedicinal plants used by traditional healers of North Tripura district, Tripura, North East India
Conclusion The present study highlighted certain species having higher priority indices for further phytochemical investigation. Counselling of traditional health practitioners should be taken into consideration in order to smooth continuation and extension of traditional medical knowledge and practice for ensuring safe and effective therapy. Graphical abstract (Source: Journal of Ethnopharmacology)
Source: Journal of Ethnopharmacology - April 5, 2015 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Source Type: research

Activation of 5-HT1A receptors in the preBötzinger region has little impact on the respiratory pattern
This study sought to determine whether 5-HT1A receptors within the preBötC and ventral respiratory column (VRC) mediate the tachypneic response induced by intravenous (IV) (±)-8-Hydroxy-2-diproplyaminotetralin hydrobromide (8-OH-DPAT) in a decerebrated dog model. IV 8-OH-DPAT (19±2μg/kg) reduced both inspiratory (I) and expiratory (E) durations by ∼40%, but had no effect on peak phrenic activity (PPA). Picoejection of 1, 10, and 100μM 8-OH-DPAT on I and E preBötC neurons produced dose-dependent decreases up to ∼40% in peak discharge. Surprisingly, microinjections of 8-OH-DPAT and 5-HT within the VRC from the obex...
Source: Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology - April 5, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Protective effects of N-acetylcysteine against hyperoxaluria induced mitochondrial dysfunction in male wistar rats.
Abstract The purpose of the present study was to evaluate the nephro-protective potential of N-acetylcysteine against hyperoxaluria-induced renal mitochondrial dysfunction in rats. Nine days dosing of 0.4 % ethylene glycol +1 % ammonium chloride, developed hyperoxaluria in male wistar rats which resulted in renal injury and dysfunction as supported by increased level of urinary lactate dehydrogenase, calcium, and decreased creatinine clearance. Mitochondrial oxidative strain in hyperoxaluric animals was evident by decreased levels of superoxide dismutase, glutathione peroxidase, glutathione reductase, reduced glu...
Source: Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry - April 5, 2015 Category: Biochemistry Authors: Sharma M, Kaur T, Singla SK Tags: Mol Cell Biochem Source Type: research

Sleep and bodily functions: the physiological interplay between body homeostasis and sleep homeostasis.
Authors: Amici R, Bastianini S, Berteotti C, Cerri M, Del Vecchio F, Lo Martire V, Luppi M, Perez E, Silvani A, Zamboni G, Zoccoli G Abstract Body homeostasis and sleep homeostasis may both rely on the complex integrative activity carried out by the hypothalamus. Thus, the three main wake-sleep (WS) states (i.e. wakefulness, NREM sleep, and REM sleep) may be better understood if the different cardio-respiratory and metabolic parameters, which are under the integrated control of the autonomic and the endocrine systems, are studied during sleep monitoring. According to this view, many physiological events can be cons...
Source: Archives Italiennes de Biologie - April 4, 2015 Category: Neuroscience Tags: Arch Ital Biol Source Type: research

A mutation in the NADH-dehydrogenase subunit 2 suppresses fibroblast aging.
In conclusion, Nd2 is a mitochondrial gene, involved in age-related signaling pathways. PMID: 25839158 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Oncotarget)
Source: Oncotarget - April 4, 2015 Category: Cancer & Oncology Tags: Oncotarget Source Type: research

Resting respiratory sinus arrhythmia is related to longer hospitalization in mood-disordered repetitive suicide attempters
The World Journal of Biological Psychiatry, Ahead of Print. (Source: World Journal of Biological Psychiatry)
Source: World Journal of Biological Psychiatry - April 4, 2015 Category: Psychiatry Tags: article Source Type: research

Value of Cardiac Troponin and sPESI in Treatment of Pulmonary Thromboembolism at Outpatient Setting
Conclusion We observed that patients with acute PTE, low-risk sPESI, and negative troponin levels can be safely treated in the outpatient settings. Also the presence of cancer alone does not necessitate hospitalization. (Source: Lung)
Source: Lung - April 4, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Comorbidity in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Publication date: Available online 4 April 2015 Source:Respiratory Investigation Author(s): Netsanet A. Negewo , Vanessa M. McDonald , Peter G. Gibson Patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases (COPD) often experience comorbid conditions. The most common comorbidities that have been associated with COPD include cardiovascular diseases, lung cancer, metabolic disorder, osteoporosis, anxiety and depression, skeletal muscle dysfunction, cachexia, gastrointestinal diseases, and other respiratory conditions. Not only are comorbidities common but they also considerably influence disease prognosis and patients׳ healt...
Source: Respiratory Investigation - April 4, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Socioeconomic position, health behaviors, and racial disparities in cause-specific infant mortality in one US state
Conclusions : These findings help focus policy attention toward disparities in those specific causes of infant mortality most amenable to social and behavioral intervention, as well as research attention to disparities in specific causes unexplained by SEP and behavioral differences. (Source: Preventive Medicine)
Source: Preventive Medicine - April 4, 2015 Category: Global & Universal Source Type: research

Breakthrough Curves for Toluene Adsorption on Different Types of Activated Carbon Fibers: Application in Respiratory Protection
Activated carbon fibers (ACF) are considered viable alternative adsorbent materials in respirators because of their larger surface area, lighter weight, and fabric form. The purpose of this study was to characterize the breakthrough curves of toluene for different types of commercially available ACFs to understand their potential service lives in respirators. Two forms of ACF, cloth (AC) and felt (AF), with three surface areas each were tested. ACFs were challenged with six toluene concentrations (50–500 p.p.m.) at constant air temperature (23°C), relative humidity (50%), and air flow (16 l min–1) at differ...
Source: Annals of Occupational Hygiene - April 4, 2015 Category: Occupational Health Authors: Balanay, J. A. G., Floyd, E. L., Lungu, C. T. Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

Effects of replacing soybean meal with rubber seed meal on growth, antioxidant capacity, non-specific immune response, and resistance to Aeromonas hydrophila in tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus × O. aureus)
This study evaluated the effects of replacing soybean meal (SBM) with rubber seed meal (RSM) on growth, antioxidant capacity, non-specific immune response and resistance to Aeromonas hydrophila in tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus × Oreochromis aureus). Five experimental diets were formulated with 0 (control), 10, 20, 30, and 40% RSM replacing graded levels of SBM, respectively. Fish were fed one of the five experimental diets for eight weeks, and then challenged by A. hydrophila via intraperitoneal injection and kept for seven days. Dietary RSM inclusion level up to 30% did not affect the weight gain and daily growth coe...
Source: Fish and Shellfish Immunology - April 4, 2015 Category: Biology Source Type: research

Electrical impedance tomography monitoring in acute respiratory distress syndrome patients with mechanical ventilation during prolonged positive end-expiratory pressure adjustments
Conclusion Late improvements in oxygenation following PEEP escalation are probably due to slow recruitment in ventilated ARDS patients. Electrical impedance tomography may be an appropriate tool to assess recruitment and oxygenation status in patients with changes in PEEP. (Source: Journal of the Formosan Medical Association)
Source: Journal of the Formosan Medical Association - April 4, 2015 Category: Journals (General) Source Type: research

Imaging Infection
Thoracic imaging is widely used to detect lower respiratory tract infections, identify their complications, and aid in differentiating infectious from noninfectious thoracic disease. Less commonly, the combination of imaging findings and a clinical setting can favor infection with a specific organism. This confluence can occur in cases of bronchiectatic nontuberculous mycobacterial infections in immune-competent hosts, invasive fungal disease among neutropenic patients, Pneumocystis jiroveci pneumonia in patients with AIDS, and in cytomegalovirus infections in patients with recent hematopoietic cell transplantation. These ...
Source: Clinics in Chest Medicine - April 4, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Loren Ketai, Kirk Jordan, Katrina H. Busby Source Type: research

Respiratory Motion, Anterior Heart Displacement and Heart Dosimetry: Comparison Between Prone (Pr) and Supine (Su) Whole Breast Irradiation.
Abstract To analyze respiratory motion of surgical clips, chest wall (CW) and the anterior displacement of the heart and its impact on heart dosimetry between prone (Pr) and supine (Su) positions during whole breast radiotherapy after breast conserving surgery. Sixteen patients underwent 4D-CT for radiotherapy planning in Pr and Su positions. Maximum inhale and maximum exhale phases were analyzed. Mean 3D vectorial displacements ± standard deviations (SD) of the surgical clips were measured. Volumetric changes of the CW were recorded and compared. Cardiac displacement was assessed by a volume between the inner...
Source: Pathology Oncology Research - April 4, 2015 Category: Pathology Authors: Lakosi F, Gulyban A, Janvary L, Simoni SB, Jansen N, Seidel L, Kovacs A, Vavassis P, Coucke P Tags: Pathol Oncol Res Source Type: research

[Use of cold and cough medications prescribed in Primary Care clinics for children less than 14 years].
CONCLUSIONS: There is a high level of cold and cough drugs being prescribed in children, with 85% of these being unsuitable. Children should only receive drugs with a good risk and benefit ratio. Pediatricians should try to improve the information about pediatric drug use and spread this information to parents, doctors and nurses. PMID: 25851996 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Anales de Pediatria)
Source: Anales de Pediatria - April 4, 2015 Category: Pediatrics Authors: Suárez-Castañón C, Modroño-Riaño G, López-Vilar P, Martínez-Blanco J, Iglesias-Cabo T, Solís-Sánchez G Tags: An Pediatr (Barc) Source Type: research

Associations of Pre-Transplant Prescription Narcotic Use with Clinical Complications after Kidney Transplantation.
CONCLUSION: Although associations may reflect underlying conditions or behaviors, high-level prescription narcotic use before kidney transplantation predicts increased risk of clinical complications after transplantation. © 2015 S. Karger AG, Basel. PMID: 25832723 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: American Journal of Nephrology)
Source: American Journal of Nephrology - April 3, 2015 Category: Urology & Nephrology Authors: Lentine KL, Lam NN, Xiao H, Tuttle-Newhall JE, Axelrod D, Brennan DC, Dharnidharka VR, Yuan H, Nazzal M, Zheng J, Schnitzler MA Tags: Am J Nephrol Source Type: research

Should Age Be Part of Multidimensional Indices of Risk in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease?
Respiration 2015;89:274-275 (Source: Respiration)
Source: Respiration - April 3, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Imaging of Pulmonary Aspiration Syndrome
Aspiration is defined as the transit of solid or liquid material into the lower respiratory tract and lungs. Up to 50% of healthy adults aspirate small amounts of oropharyngeal secretions during sleep. However, humoral and cellular immune responses, in addition to normal coughing and ciliary transit, result in clearance of the aspirated material. Impairment of these protective mechanisms may lead to aspiration-associated complications.1 (Source: Contemporary Diagnostic Radiology)
Source: Contemporary Diagnostic Radiology - April 3, 2015 Category: Radiology Tags: Article Source Type: research

Reducing asthma attacks: consider patients' beliefs.
PMID: 25833035 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Respiratory Care)
Source: Respiratory Care - April 3, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Østrem A, Horne R Tags: NPJ Prim Care Respir Med Source Type: research

Genetic Variation of MT-ND Genes in Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration: Biochemical Phenotype-Genotype Correlation
Conclusion: To our knowledge, this is the first report of the complete sequence of the MT-ND genes in FTLD patients and correlation with MRC activity. The high number of mtDNA variations identified and a significant decrease in complex I activity suggest a possible involvement of mtDNA alterations in FTLD. Although the majority of these alterations are not primarily pathogenic, an interaction with other mutations may occur, leading to the disease, worsening its expression or influencing age of onset.Neurodegener Dis (Source: Neurodegenerative Diseases)
Source: Neurodegenerative Diseases - April 3, 2015 Category: Neurology Source Type: research

[Perspectives] Witnesses and survivors remember Bhopal
“On that night when I reached the hospital the entire medical college campus was filled with people. It was impossible to handle the situation as we didn't have any experience in dealing with such disasters. First, we shifted the dead and numbered them. Then we called final year medical students, allotted bodies to each, and asked them to note down details like tears flowing from eyes, froth from the nose etc. When we completed this and taking samples from all the bodies, we found that they had something in common: all had congested eyes and severe congestion of respiratory tract; some of them had suffered haemorrhage, l...
Source: LANCET - April 3, 2015 Category: Journals (General) Authors: Dinesh C Sharma Tags: Perspectives Source Type: research

Inhaled nitric oxide therapy and risk of renal dysfunction: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized trials
Conclusions: The available data show that iNO therapy may increase the risk of renal dysfunction, especially with prolonged use and in patients with ARDS. The risk in pediatric population is unknown owing to limited data. We suggest monitoring renal function during iNO therapy, and that future trials of iNO should evaluate renal safety. (Source: BioMed Central)
Source: BioMed Central - April 3, 2015 Category: Journals (General) Authors: Sheng-Yuan RuanTao-Min HuangHon-Yen WuHuey-Dong WuChong-Jen YuMei-Shu Lai Source Type: research

Lung function changes from childhood to adolescence: a seven-year follow-up study
Background: As part of an investigation into the respiratory health in children conducted in Torino, northwestern Italy, our aim was to assess development in lung function from childhood to adolescence, and to assess changes or persistence of asthma symptoms on the change of lung function parameters. Furthermore, the observed lung function data were compared with the Global Lung Function Initiative (GLI) reference values. Methods: We conducted a longitudinal study, which lasted 7 years, composed by first survey of 4–5 year-old children in 2003 and a follow-up in 2010. Both surveys consisted in collecting information on ...
Source: BMC Pulmonary Medicine - April 3, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Pavilio PiccioniRoberta TassinariAurelia CarossoCarlo CarenaMassimiliano BugianiRoberto Bono Source Type: research

Vagotomy Reverses Established Allergen-Induced Airway Hyperreactivity to Methacholine in the Mouse
Publication date: Available online 1 April 2015 Source:Respiratory Physiology & Neurobiology Author(s): M. Allen McAlexander , Stephen H. Gavett , Marian Kollarik , Bradley J. Undem We evaluated the role of vagal reflexes in a mouse model of allergen-induced airway hyperreactivity. Mice were actively sensitized to ovalbumin then exposed to the allergen via inhalation. Prior to ovalbumin inhalation, mice also received intratracheally-instilled particulate matter in order to boost the allergic response. In control mice, methacholine (i.v.) caused a dose-dependent increase in respiratory tract resistance (RT) that o...
Source: Respiratory Physiology and Neurobiology - April 3, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

The Problem of Publication-Pollution Denialism
The world is facing a huge threat from pollution. The scientific community seems unable or unwilling to do anything about the problem and appears to be in a state of denial. The pollution crisis I’m describing is not the warming of the Earth’s atmosphere due to an accumulation of greenhouse gasses. It is not the tragedy of plastic materials accumulating in the oceans. It is not the air pollution that is overwhelming many major urban areas and contributing to respiratory and other diseases in the local populations. (Source: Mayo Clinic Proceedings)
Source: Mayo Clinic Proceedings - April 3, 2015 Category: Internal Medicine Authors: Arthur L. Caplan Tags: Commentary Source Type: research

Multi-domain impact of elosulfase alfa in Morquio A syndrome in the pivotal phase III trial
Conclusions Treatment with weekly elosulfase alfa led to improvements across most efficacy measures, resulting in clinically meaningful benefits in a heterogeneous study population. (Source: Molecular Genetics and Metabolism)
Source: Molecular Genetics and Metabolism - April 3, 2015 Category: Genetics & Stem Cells Source Type: research

Aberrant left pulmonary artery – An uncommon cause of persistent stridor and respiratory distress in a neonate
Publication date: Available online 3 April 2015 Source:Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health Author(s): Sriparna Basu , Shashikant Dewangan , Ashok Kumar (Source: Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health)
Source: Clinical Epidemiology and Global Health - April 3, 2015 Category: Epidemiology Source Type: research

Neutralizing epitopes on the respiratory syncytial virus fusion glycoprotein
Publication date: April 2015 Source:Current Opinion in Virology, Volume 11 Author(s): Jason S McLellan Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) is a leading cause of pneumonia and bronchiolitis, but despite decades of research a safe and effective vaccine has remained elusive. The viral fusion glycoprotein (RSV F) plays an obligatory role in the entry process and is the major target of neutralizing antibodies, making it an attractive target for vaccine development. This review will summarize the recently determined structures of RSV F in the prefusion and postfusion conformations and describe the location and properties of neut...
Source: Current Opinion in Virology - April 3, 2015 Category: Virology Source Type: research

The phrenic nerve as a donor for brachial plexus injuries: is it safe and effective? Case series and literature analysis
Conclusions Results of phrenic nerve transfer are predictable and good, especially if the grafts are short and the rehabilitation is adequate. It may adversely affect respiratory function tests, but this rarely correlates clinically. Contraindications to the use of the phrenic nerve exist and should be respected. (Source: Acta Neurochirurgica)
Source: Acta Neurochirurgica - April 3, 2015 Category: Neurosurgery Source Type: research

The Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study: overview of the first 40 years, with an eye to the future
Abstract The Dunedin Multidisciplinary Health and Development Study began more than four decades ago. Unusual at the time, it was founded as a multidisciplinary research enterprise, and was strongly supported by the Dunedin community, both professional and lay, in its early years. Seven research themes have evolved over the past 40 years focusing on mental health and neuro-cognition, cardiovascular risk, respiratory health, oral health, sexual and reproductive health, and psychosocial functioning. A seventh, more applied theme, seeks to maximise the value of the Study findings for New Zealand’s indigenous peopl...
Source: Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology - April 3, 2015 Category: Psychiatry Source Type: research

Functional roles and gene regulation of tumor necrosis factor receptor 1 in freshwater striped murrel
In this study, a complete molecular characterization of tumor necrosis factor receptor 1 (TNFR1) which was identified from the constructed cDNA library of striped murrel Channa striatus (Cs) is reported. The CsTNFR1 encoded a type I membrane receptor protein that contains 399 amino acids including three cysteine-rich domains (CRDs) at CRD141–46, CRD279–118 and CRD3120–159 in the extracellular region and a putative TNF receptor-associated factor (TRAF) site at 245–253 and a death domain between 297 and 388 in the cytoplasmic region which is essential for induction of apoptosis. The predicted molecular mass of CsTNFR...
Source: Molecular Immunology - April 3, 2015 Category: Allergy & Immunology Source Type: research

Antioxidant‐Mediated Reversal of Oxidative Damage in Mouse Modeling of Complex I Inhibition
ABSTRACT Mitochondrial dysfunction is a key component of various aging‐related pathologies of the brain that result in dementia. As such, it provides an important avenue in development of therapeutic interventions for a host of neurological disorders. A requirement for functional mitochondrial respiratory chain complex I (CI), to accomplish the normal physiological processes regulating memory, seems intuitive. In the present study, a synthetic lipoylcarnitine antioxidant (PMX‐500FI; 100 mg/kg/day po) was administered to female ICR mice (3–4‐month old) that were subsequently treated with the mitochondrial CI ...
Source: Drug Development Research - April 3, 2015 Category: Drugs & Pharmacology Authors: Kodeeswaran Parameshwaran, Michael H. Irwin, Kosta Steliou, Vishnu Suppiramaniam, Carl A. Pinkert Tags: Research Article Source Type: research

Pediatric Brain Death Determination
Semin Neurol 2015; 35: 116-124DOI: 10.1055/s-0035-1547540Clinical guidelines for the determination of brain death in children were first published in 1987. These guidelines were revised in 2011 under the auspices of the Society of Critical Care Medicine, the American Academy of Pediatrics, and the Child Neurology Society, and provide the minimum standards that must be satisfied before brain death can be declared in infants and children. After achieving physiologic stability and exclusion of confounders, two examinations including apnea testing separated by an observation period (24 hours for term newborns up to 30 days of ...
Source: Seminars in Neurology - April 3, 2015 Category: Neurology Authors: Mathur, MuditAshwal, Stephen Source Type: research

30-y follow-up of a PU/AM inhalation case
In 1983, a young man inhaled accidentally a large amount of plutonium and americium. This case was carefully followed until 2013. Since no decorporation measures had been taken, the undisturbed metabolism of Pu and Am can be derived from the data. First objective was to determine the amount of inhaled radionuclides and to estimate committed effective dose. In vivo and excretion measurements started immediately after the inhalation, and for quality assurance, all types of measurements were performed by different labs in Europe and the USA. After dose assessment by various international groups were completed, the measurement...
Source: Radiation Protection Dosimetry - April 3, 2015 Category: Radiology Authors: Wernli, C., Eikenberg, J., Marzocchi, O., Breustedt, B., Oestreicher, U., Romm, H., Gregoratto, D., Marsh, J. Tags: Measurements and Dosimetry Source Type: research

Feasibility of lung volume recruitment in early neuromuscular weakness: a comparison between amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, myotonic dystrophy and post-polio syndrome
Lung volume recruitment (LVR) is a cough assistance technique used in patients with neuromuscular disorders (NMD), most typically in those requiring non-invasive ventilation (NIV). Whether it may be useful in NMD patients with milder respiratory impairment is unknown. (Source: PM and R)
Source: PM and R - April 3, 2015 Category: Rehabilitation Authors: Marta Kaminska, Franceen Browman, Daria A. Trojan, Angela Genge, Andrea Benedetti, Basil J. Petrof Source Type: research