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Myocardial Infarction and Left Ventricular Hypertrophy Seen on an Infant’s Electrocardiogram
An 8 1/2-month-old female, the product of a normal pregnancy and delivery, presented to her private physician with a 3-day history of coughing, wheezing, nasal congestion, and diaphoresis. Vital signs were a heart rate of 170 beats/min, respiratory rate of 50 breaths/min, a temperature of 100.8 ° F, a blood pressure of 60/40 mmHg, and a weight of 14 lbs. 5 oz. (5th percentile for age). She appeared seriously ill with respiratory distress, dusky mucus membranes, a sweaty forehead, bilateral otitis media, and cardiomegaly by palpation. (Source: The American Journal of Cardiology)
Source: The American Journal of Cardiology - March 24, 2015 Category: Cardiology Authors: D. Luke Glancy, Terry D. King, Cynthia F. Glancy, Nancy B. King, Joy Morgan Source Type: research

Streptococcus pneumoniae Induces Autophagy through the Inhibition of the PI3K-I/Akt/mTOR Pathway and ROS Hypergeneration in A549 Cells
by Pu Li, Jing Shi, Qiao He, Qin Hu, Yun Ying Wang, Li Jun Zhang, Wai Ting Chan, Wei-Xian Chen The present study focused on the action mechanism of S. pneumoniae (Sp) in inducing autophagy in human alveolar epithelial cells. Sp, a gram-positive extracellular bacterium, activates autophagy with considerably increased microtuble-associated protein light chain 3 (LC3) punctation in A549 cells. The accumulation of typical autophagosomes and conjugation of LC3 to phosphatidylethanolamine were observed in Sp-infected cells as an indication of autophagy. Using the pneumolysin (PLY) mutant, we successfully demonstrated that PLY i...
Source: PLoS One - March 24, 2015 Category: Biomedical Science Authors: Pu Li et al. Source Type: research

Reliability and interpretation of pulmonary function tests when morbid obesity combines with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and neuromuscular weakness
Perioperative pulmonary function test may be altered and become unreliable in mixed respiratory disorders including morbid obesity, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and neuromuscular weakness. Interpretation of such tests risk stratification thereof may depend on careful clinical assessment and other investigation. (Source: Journal of Clinical Anesthesia)
Source: Journal of Clinical Anesthesia - March 24, 2015 Category: Anesthesiology Authors: Ajisha Aravindan, Rajeshwari Subramaniam, Dalim Kumar Baidya Tags: Correspondence Source Type: research

Factors associated with primary transmission of multidrug-resistant tuberculosis compared with healthy controls in Henan Province, China
Conclusions In order to control primary transmission of MDR-TB in China, we recommend that improving the social support, living standards and medical security of the lower social class become a priority. (Source: Infectious Diseases of Poverty)
Source: Infectious Diseases of Poverty - March 24, 2015 Category: Infectious Diseases Source Type: research

Controlling Tickborne Fever
Tickborne relapsing fever (TBRF), which is endemic in the western United States, typically causes mild symptoms, and many people who get sick don’t seek medical attention. But TBRF can cause serious complications—acute respiratory distress syndrome, spontaneous abortion or preterm delivery in pregnant women, or death. (Source: JAMA)
Source: JAMA - March 24, 2015 Category: Journals (General) Source Type: research

Role of the cardio-pulmonary exercise test and six-minute walking test in the evaluation of exercise performance in patients with late-onset pompe disease
• In patients affected by late onset Pompe disease, the degree of exercise impairment appeared similar with 6MWT and CPET• The reduction in exercise capacity was multifactorial• The results of the two tests were also in agreement in a longitudinal evaluation of effects of ERT• The response of skeletal and respiratory muscles to ERT was different (Source: Neuromuscular Disorders)
Source: Neuromuscular Disorders - March 24, 2015 Category: Neurology Authors: G. Crescimanno, R. Modica, R.Lo Mauro, O. Musumeci, A. Toscano, O. Marrone Source Type: research

Illness perception and related behaviour in lower respiratory tract infections--a European study
Conclusion. Illness course, perception and related behaviour in LRTI differ considerably between countries. These finding should be taken into account when developing International guidelines for LRTI and interventions for setting realistic expectations about illness course. (Source: Family Practice)
Source: Family Practice - March 24, 2015 Category: Primary Care Authors: Hordijk, P. M., Broekhuizen, B. D. L., Butler, C. C., Coenen, S., Godycki-Cwirko, M., Goossens, H., Hood, K., Smith, R., van Vugt, S. F., Little, P., Verheij, T. J. M., the GRACE Project Group Tags: Epidemiology Source Type: research

Predictors of treatment with antibiotics and systemic corticosteroids for acute exacerbations of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in primary care
Background: Antibiotic and oral corticosteroid prescribing rate in patients suffering from acute exacerbations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or asthma in general practice are only sparsely described. Our aim was to identify predictors for such prescribing when results from CRP testing, spirometry, and pulse oximetry are available. Methods: Patients aged 40 years or more diagnosed with asthma, COPD or both, the previous five years from seven general practice offices in Norway, were invited to a baseline examination and asked to visit their GPs during exacerbations the following 12 months. At all visits, ...
Source: BMC Family Practice - March 24, 2015 Category: Primary Care Authors: Salwan Al-aniMark SpigtJohanna LaueHasse Melbye Source Type: research

National trends in emergency room diagnosis of pulmonary embolism, 2001–2010: a cross-sectional study
Conclusions: The proportion of ED visits with a diagnosis of PE increased significantly from 2001 to 2010 and this rise can be attributed in large part to the increased availability and use of CT. Most of these patients were admitted with low in-hospital mortality. (Source: Respiratory Research)
Source: Respiratory Research - March 24, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Andrew SchisslerAnna RozenshteinNeil SchlugerAndrew Einstein Source Type: research

Anti-inflammatory effects of novel curcumin analogs in experimental acute lung injury
Conclusions: These results suggest that the novel curcumin analog c26 has remarkable protective effects on LPS-induced ALI in rat. These effects may be related to its ability to suppress production of inflammatory cytokines through ERK pathway. Compound c26, with improved chemical stability and bioactivity, may have the potential to be further developed into an anti-inflammatory candidate for the prevention and treatment of ALI. (Source: Respiratory Research)
Source: Respiratory Research - March 24, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Yali ZhangDandan LiangLili DongXiangting GeFengli XuWenbo ChenYuanrong DaiHuameng LiPeng ZouShulin YangGuang Liang Source Type: research

Inflammation in cystic fibrosis lung disease: Pathogenesis and therapy
Lung disease is the major cause of morbidity and mortality in patients with cystic fibrosis (CF). Although CF lung disease is primarily an infectious disorder, the associated inflammation is both intense and ineffective at clearing pathogens. Persistent high-intensity inflammation leads to permanent structural damage of the CF airways and impaired lung function that eventually results in respiratory failure and death. Several defective inflammatory responses have been linked to cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR) deficiency including innate and acquired immunity dysregulation, cell membrane lipid abn...
Source: Journal of Cystic Fibrosis - March 24, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: André M. Cantin, Dominik Hartl, Michael W. Konstan, James F. Chmiel Tags: Review Source Type: research

Opposite Phenotypes of Muscle Strength and Locomotor Function in Mouse Models of Partial Trisomy and Monosomy 21 for the Proximal Hspa13-App Region
by Véronique Brault, Arnaud Duchon, Caroline Romestaing, Ignasi Sahun, Stéphanie Pothion, Mona Karout, Christelle Borel, Doulaye Dembele, Jean-Charles Bizot, Nadia Messaddeq, Andrew J. Sharp, Damien Roussel, Stylianos E Antonarakis, Mara Dierssen, Yann Hérault The trisomy of human chromosome 21 (Hsa21), which causes Down syndrome (DS), is the most common viable human aneuploidy. In contrast to trisomy, the complete monosomy (M21) of Hsa21 is lethal, and only partial monosomy or mosaic monosomy of Hsa21 is seen. Both conditions lead to variable physiological abnormalities with constant intellectual disability, locomotor...
Source: PLoS Genetics - March 24, 2015 Category: Genetics & Stem Cells Authors: Véronique Brault et al. Source Type: research

Biomarkers for the 21st Century: Listening to the Microbiome
This article reviews the complexities of host:microbiome responses to xenobiotics in terms of redefining toxicokinetics and susceptibility. Our challenge is to consider these multiple interactions between and within the microbiome, the immune system, and other systems of the host in terms of exposure to exogenous agents, including environmental toxicants. (Source: Toxicological Sciences)
Source: Toxicological Sciences - March 24, 2015 Category: Toxicology Authors: Dietert, R. R., Silbergeld, E. K. Tags: Contemporary Review: The Microbiome and Biomarkers Source Type: research

Effect of the Ostreolysin A/Pleurotolysin B Pore-Forming Complex on Neuroblastoma Cell Morphology and Intracellular Ca2+ Activity
This study evaluated the mechanisms underlying cytotoxic OlyA/PlyB activity in neuroblastoma NG108-15 cells. Confocal microscopy with morphometric analysis revealed that OlyA/PlyB increased the 3-dimensional projected area of differentiated cells. Iso-osmotic replacement of NaCl by sucrose or Na-isethionate prevented the cellular swelling. This suggests that formation of cellular edema requires the presence of Na+ and/or Cl– in the extracellular space and may be related to an influx of Na+ and/or a shift in Cl–, which induce a marked influx of water that is ultimately responsible for cellular swelling. In addit...
Source: Toxicological Sciences - March 24, 2015 Category: Toxicology Authors: Vrecl, M., Babnik, M., Diacci, U., Benoit, E., Frangež, R. Tags: Pore-Forming Toxin from Oyster Mushroom Disrupts Calcium Homeostasis Source Type: research

NOTCH reprograms mitochondrial metabolism for proinflammatory macrophage activation
Metabolic reprogramming is implicated in macrophage activation, but the underlying mechanisms are poorly understood. Here, we demonstrate that the NOTCH1 pathway dictates activation of M1 phenotypes in isolated mouse hepatic macrophages (HMacs) and in a murine macrophage cell line by coupling transcriptional upregulation of M1 genes with metabolic upregulation of mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation and ROS (mtROS) to augment induction of M1 genes. Enhanced mitochondrial glucose oxidation was achieved by increased recruitment of the NOTCH1 intracellular domain (NICD1) to nuclear and mitochondrial genes that encode respi...
Source: Journal of Clinical Investigation - March 23, 2015 Category: Biomedical Science Authors: Jun Xu, Feng Chi, Tongsheng Guo, Vasu Punj, W.N. Paul Lee, Samuel W. French, Hidekazu Tsukamoto Source Type: research

Long-term survival in a child with severe encephalopathy, multiple respiratory chain deficiency and GFM1 mutations
Sara Brito, Kyle Thompson, Jaume Campistol, Jaime Colomer, Steven Hardy, Langping He, Ana Fernández-Marmiesse, Lourdes Palacios, Cristina Jou, Cecelia Jiménez-Mallebrera, Judith Armstrong, Raquel Montero, Rafael Artuch, Christin Tischner, Tina Wenz, Robert McFarland and Robert William Taylor (Source: Frontiers in Genetics)
Source: Frontiers in Genetics - March 23, 2015 Category: Genetics & Stem Cells Source Type: research

MRPL44 mutations cause a slowly progressive multisystem disease with childhood-onset hypertrophic cardiomyopathy
Abstract Defects in mitochondrial translation may lead to combined respiratory chain deficiency and typically cause childhood-onset multisystem disease. Only recently, a homozygous missense mutation (c.467T > G, p.Leu156Arg) in MRPL44, encoding a protein of the large subunit of the mitochondrial ribosome, has been identified in two siblings with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. Using exome sequencing, we identified two further unrelated patients harboring the previously reported mutation c.467T > G, p.Leu156Arg in MRPL44 in the homozygous state and compound heterozygous with a novel missense mutation c.2...
Source: Neurogenetics - March 23, 2015 Category: Genetics & Stem Cells Source Type: research

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(Source: Respiratory Medicine CME)
Source: Respiratory Medicine CME - March 23, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Safety and Systemic Consequences of Pleurodesis with Three Different Doses of Silver Nitrate in Patients with Malignant Pleural Effusion
Conclusion: Hypoxia was the most significant AE following SN pleurodesis; mild metabolic events were very common. SN instillation causes substantial dose-dependent systemic inflammatory responses.Respiration (Source: Respiration)
Source: Respiration - March 23, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Periodontitis and obstructive sleep apnea’s bidirectional relationship: a systematic review and meta-analysis
Conclusions There is some evidence to a plausible association between periodontal disease and OSA. Evidence on the efficacy of periodontal disease interventions is insufficient. The causal-effect relationship of periodontal disease and OSA is debatable. Further research with case-control studies is warranted. (Source: Sleep and Breathing)
Source: Sleep and Breathing - March 23, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

The impact of active and former smoking on the severity of obstructive sleep apnea
Conclusion In this study, we found that cigarette smoking was associated with early age disease; heavy smokers had more severe OSA. (Source: Sleep and Breathing)
Source: Sleep and Breathing - March 23, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Diagnostic pathways for obstructive sleep apnoea in the Australian community: observations from pharmacy-based CPAP providers
Conclusions Diagnostic models have evolved in Australia that raise stakeholder concerns. It is important to address these concerns while still facilitating patient access to services. Development of a practice framework could promote medically appropriate, patient-centred care. (Source: Sleep and Breathing)
Source: Sleep and Breathing - March 23, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Current Australasian practice for diagnosis and management of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis: Where are we now?
ConclusionsApproach to IPF diagnosis and management is not uniform and has changed over 15 years. Surveyed respiratory physicians were generally practising in accordance with clinical guidelines, although significant variation in practice was identified in both cohorts. This study identifies the need to standardize care of IPF patients across Australia and New Zealand. (Source: Respirology)
Source: Respirology - March 23, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Authors: Lauren K. Troy, Sally A. Chapman, Fiona Lake, Margaret L. Wilsher, Liarna B. Honeysett, Sacha Macansh, Tamera J. Corte Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

Ultrasound-Guided Phrenic Nerve Block for CT-Guided Percutaneous Pulmonary Fine-Needle Aspiration Biopsy
We report two cases of in-plane ultrasound-guided phrenic nerve block (PhNB) to perform CT-guided percutaneous fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) of pulmonary nodules, while paralyzing the homolateral diaphragm. Our local institutional review board does not require approval for case reports when patients’ anonymity is carefully protected. We asked permission and obtained written consent from the patients for publication. (Source: Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology : JVIR)
Source: Journal of Vascular and Interventional Radiology : JVIR - March 23, 2015 Category: Radiology Authors: Enrique Carrero, Pedro Arguis, Marcelo Sánchez, Xavier Sala-Blanch Tags: Letter to the Editor Source Type: research

Defective macrophage handling of Escherichia coli in Crohn's disease
ConclusionsCD macrophage responses to infection with E. coli are deficient, regardless of clinical phenotype, CD genotype or E. coli pathogenicity. This suggests host immunodeficiency is an important contributor to intramacrophage E. coli persistence in CD. (Source: Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology)
Source: Journal of Gastroenterology and Hepatology - March 23, 2015 Category: Gastroenterology Authors: Timothy R Elliott, Barry N Hudspith, Neil B Rayment, Natalie J Prescott, Liljana Petrovska, John Hermon‐Taylor, Jonathan Brostoff, Alex Boussioutas, Christopher G Mathew, Jeremy D Sanderson Tags: Experimental Gastroenterology Source Type: research

Aspirin therapy in patients with acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) is associated with reduced intensive care unit mortality: a prospective analysis
Conclusion: Aspirin therapy was associated with a reduced risk of ICU mortality. These data are the first to demonstrate a potential protective role for aspirin in patients with ARDS. Clinical trials to evaluate the role of aspirin as a pharmacological intervention for ARDS are needed. (Source: BioMed Central)
Source: BioMed Central - March 23, 2015 Category: Journals (General) Authors: Andrew J BoyleStefania Di GangiUmar I HamidLinda-Jayne MottramLia McNameeGriania WhiteLJ CrossJames J McNameeCecilia M O’KaneDaniel F McAuley Source Type: research

Upcoming events of interest
(Source: Pediatric Pulmonology)
Source: Pediatric Pulmonology - March 23, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Tags: Upcoming Events Source Type: research

Diagnosis of pediatric obstructive sleep apnea: Preliminary findings using automatic analysis of airflow and oximetry recordings obtained at patients’ home
Publication date: April 2015 Source:Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, Volume 18 Author(s): Gonzalo C. Gutiérrez-Tobal , M. Luz Alonso-Álvarez , Daniel Álvarez , Félix del Campo , Joaquín Terán-Santos , Roberto Hornero The obstructive sleep apnea syndrome (OSAS) greatly affects both the health and the quality of life of children. Therefore, an early diagnosis is crucial to avoid their severe consequences. However, the standard diagnostic test (polysomnography, PSG) is time-demanding, complex, and costly. We aim at assessing a new methodology for the pediatric OSAS diagnosis to reduce these drawbacks. Airflow...
Source: Biomedical Signal Processing and Control - March 23, 2015 Category: Biomedical Science Source Type: research

Molecular profiling of sepsis in mice using Fourier Transform Infrared Microspectroscopy
In this study, mice models to study the progression of sepsis are used involving injection with live Salmonella Typhimurium or lipopolysacharride. The utility of using a combination of immune assays and spectroscopy in following the progression of sepsis is discussed. (Source: Journal of Biophotonics)
Source: Journal of Biophotonics - March 23, 2015 Category: Physics Authors: Rekha Gautam, Mukta Deobagkar‐Lele, Shamik Majumdar, Bhagawat Chandrasekar, Emmanuel Victor, Syed Moiz Ahmed, Nitin Wadhwa, Taru Verma, Srividya Kumar, Nagalingam Ravi Sundaresan, Siva Umapathy, Dipankar Nandi Tags: Full Article Source Type: research

Clinical Effectiveness of Split-Virion Versus Subunit Trivalent Influenza Vaccines in Older Adults
Conclusions. Studies need to be done to further explore if there are differences in clinical effectiveness in older adults for the 2 vaccine manufacturing methods. (Source: Clinical Infectious Diseases)
Source: Clinical Infectious Diseases - March 23, 2015 Category: Infectious Diseases Authors: Talbot, H. K., Nian, H., Zhu, Y., Chen, Q., Williams, J. V., Griffin, M. R. Tags: ARTICLES AND COMMENTARIES Source Type: research

Metoclopramide-induced facial and palatopharyngeal myoclonus
A 61-year-old woman developed acute dyslalia, dysphonia, dysphagia, and facial rhythmic jerks 8 hours after the intake of 2 tablets of metoclopramide 10 mg, prescribed for nausea during respiratory infection. Examination revealed dysphonia, dyslalia, dysphagia, and myoclonus in the orbicularis oculi (video 1 on the Neurology® Web site at, orbicularis oris, and palatopharyngeal (video 2); no clicking was audible. Brain MRI, angio-MRI, and EEG were unremarkable. Biperidene 4 mg was given per os: palatopharyngeal myoclonus, dysphonia, and dyslalia improved in 30 minutes and disappeared in 12 hours. Palatal ...
Source: Neurology - March 23, 2015 Category: Neurology Authors: Immovilli, P., Rota, E., Morelli, N., Iafelice, I., Magnacavallo, A., Guidetti, D. Tags: Clinical neurology examination, Myoclonus VIDEO NEUROIMAGES Source Type: research

Early-Onset Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy Type 1 With Some Atypical Features
We present early-onset cases in the Polish population that amounted to 21% of our total population with facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy. More than 27% of them presented with severe phenotypes (wheelchair dependency). The residual D4Z4 repeat sizes ranged from 1 to 4 units. In addition, even within early-onset facioscapulohumeral muscular dystrophy type 1 phenotypes, some cases had uncommon features (head drop, early disabling contractures, progressive ptosis, and respiratory insufficiency and cardiomyopathy). (Source: Journal of Child Neurology)
Source: Journal of Child Neurology - March 23, 2015 Category: Neurology Authors: Dorobek, M., van der Maarel, S. M., Lemmers, R. J. L. F., Ryniewicz, B., Kabziłska, D., Frants, R. R., Gawel, M., Walecki, J., Hausmanowa-Petrusewicz, I. Tags: Original Articles Source Type: research

Serum vitamin D levels in patients with atopic asthma
Conclusion Vitamin D insufficiency is common in patients with atopic asthma that is correlated with its degree of severity. (Source: Egyptian Journal of Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis)
Source: Egyptian Journal of Chest Diseases and Tuberculosis - March 23, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Early Detection Tool of Intestinal Dysfunction: Impact on Necrotizing Enterocolitis Severity
Conclusion Cardiorespiratory symptoms precede gastrointestinal symptoms of intestinal dysfunction. Targeting signs and symptoms in an early warning tool to identify intestinal dysfunction can impact NEC severity progression.[...]Thieme Medical Publishers 333 Seventh Avenue, New York, NY 10001, USA.Article in Thieme eJournals:Table of contents  |  Abstract  |  Full text (Source: American Journal of Perinatology)
Source: American Journal of Perinatology - March 23, 2015 Category: Perinatology & Neonatology Authors: Fox, Jenny R.Thacker, Leroy R.Hendricks-Muñoz, Karen D. Tags: Original Article Source Type: research

Illustration of O and CO recirculation to interpret respiratory and circulatory physiology
We may often assume that the respiratory and circulatory systems operate independently. However, these systems actually work together. Not only are the lung and heart closely related anatomically, but they are closely related physiologically. The respiratory system delivers gas and the circulatory system delivers liquid. However, both systems deliver the same molecules, namely, oxygen (O2) and carbon dioxide (CO2). An understanding of respiratory and circulatory physiology is essential for anesthesiologists. (Source: Journal of Clinical Anesthesia)
Source: Journal of Clinical Anesthesia - March 23, 2015 Category: Anesthesiology Authors: Koh Mizutani, Kunio Suwa, Masahiko Tsuchiya Tags: Correspondence Source Type: research

Cardiovascular parameters and neural sympathetic discharge variability before orthostatic syncope: role of sympathetic baroreflex control to the vessels
We tested the hypothesis that altered sympathetic baroreceptor control to the vessels (svBRS) and disrupted coupling between blood pressure (BP) fluctuations and muscle sympathetic activity (MSNA) discharge pattern in the low frequency band (LF, around 0.1 Hz) precede vasovagal syncope. Seven healthy males underwent ECG, BP, respiratory, and MSNA recordings at baseline (REST) and during a 15 min 80° head-up tilt, followed by a −10 mmHg step wise increase of lower body negative pressure up to presyncope. Spectral and coherence analyses of systolic arterial pressure (SAP) and MSNA variability provided the ind...
Source: Physiological Measurement - March 23, 2015 Category: Physiology Authors: Franca Barbic, Karsten Heusser, Andrea Marchi, Antonio Roberto Zamunér, Peter Gauger, Jens Tank, Jens Jordan, André Diedrich, David Robertson, Franca Dipaola, Sara Achenza, Alberto Porta and Raffaello Furlan Source Type: research

RSV infection among children born moderately preterm in a community-based cohort
Conclusion: The rates of hospitalization due to proven RSV infection are higher in MP than FT and not different between MP and EP. No difference in disease severity was observed. Among MP, the rates of RSV hospitalization are higher for lower GA and when exposed to passive smoking. (Source: European Journal of Pediatrics)
Source: European Journal of Pediatrics - March 22, 2015 Category: Pediatrics Source Type: research

Dynamic airway pressure-time curve profile (stress index): a systematic review.
Authors: Terragni P, Bussone G, Mascia L Abstract The assessment of respiratory mechanics at the bedside is necessary in order to identify the most protective ventilatory strategy. Indeed in the last 20 years, adverse effects of positive ventilation to the lung structures have led to a reappraisal of the objectives of mechanical ventilation. The ventilator setting requires repeated readjustment over the period of mechanical ventilation dependency and careful respiratory monitoring to minimize the risks, preventing further injury and permitting the lung and airways healing. Among the different methods that have been...
Source: Minerva Anestesiologica - March 22, 2015 Category: Anesthesiology Tags: Minerva Anestesiol Source Type: research

Evaluation of the Activity of Influenza and Influenza-Like Viruses in the Epidemic Season 2013/2014.
Authors: Bednarska K, Hallmann-Szelińska E, Kondratiuk K, Brydak LB Abstract Infections caused by respiratory viruses can have different clinical symptoms, while specific set of symptoms can be induced by different viruses. Despite usually mild course of disease, some viruses causing certain disease entity can result in serious complications. Therefore, quick and appropriate diagnostic is crucial for administering proper treatment. In the epidemic season 2013/2014, 2,497 specimens were tested. Infections caused by influenza viruses were confirmed in 9.8 %, while infections caused by influenza-like viruses (ILI) in...
Source: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology - March 22, 2015 Category: Research Tags: Adv Exp Med Biol Source Type: research

Evaluation of Airway Inflammation in Compost Workers Exposed to Bioaerosols Using Exhaled Breath Condensate and Fractional Exhaled Nitric Oxide.
In conclusion, EBC and FeNO might be useful tools for monitoring of inflammation due to bioaerosol exposures, especially in atopic subjects. Besides smoking also atopy should be considered when investigating airway inflammation. PMID: 25786401 [PubMed - as supplied by publisher] (Source: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology)
Source: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology - March 22, 2015 Category: Research Tags: Adv Exp Med Biol Source Type: research

Pathophysiology of Clinical Symptoms in Acute Viral Respiratory Tract Infections.
Authors: Kuchar E, Miśkiewicz K, Nitsch-Osuch A, Szenborn L Abstract In this article we discuss the pathophysiology of common symptoms of acute viral respiratory infections (e.g., sneezing, nasal discharge, sore throat, cough, muscle pains, malaise, and mood changes). Since clinical symptoms are not sufficient to determine the etiology of viral respiratory tract infections, we believe that the host defense mechanisms are critical for the symptomatology. Consequently, this review of literature is focused on the pathophysiology of respiratory symptoms regardless of their etiology. We assume that despite a high preva...
Source: Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology - March 22, 2015 Category: Research Tags: Adv Exp Med Biol Source Type: research

Novel Methods of Inspiratory Muscle Training via the Test of Incremental Respiratory Endurance (TIRE)
The favorable effects of inspiratory muscle training (IMT) in health and disease are becoming much more apparent. A variety of IMT methods exist, but few studies have compared IMT methods. The purpose of this article is to review the methods and outcomes of the Test of Incremental Respiratory Endurance (TIRE). (Source: Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews)
Source: Exercise and Sport Sciences Reviews - March 22, 2015 Category: Sports Medicine Tags: Articles Source Type: research

Theories on possible temporal relationships between sleep bruxism and obstructive sleep apnea events. An expert opinion
Conclusions Clinicians should keep in mind that the SB-OSA relationship is complex and that interindividual differences may explain the possible different SB-OSA relationships, with particular regard to the anatomical site of obstruction. (Source: Sleep and Breathing)
Source: Sleep and Breathing - March 22, 2015 Category: Respiratory Medicine Source Type: research

Breed, gender and age pattern of diagnosis for veterinary care in insured dogs in Japan during fiscal year 2010
Publication date: 1 April 2015 Source:Preventive Veterinary Medicine, Volume 119, Issues 1–2 Author(s): Mai Inoue , A. Hasegawa , Y. Hosoi , K. Sugiura We calculated the annual prevalence of diseases of 18 diagnostic categories in the insured dog population in Japan, using data from 299,555 dogs insured between April 2010 and March 2011. The prevalence was highest for dermatological disorders (22.6% for females and 23.3% for males), followed by otic diseases (16.4% for females and 17.2% for males) and digestive system disorders (15.7% for females and 16.4% for males). The prevalence of cardiovascular, urinary, neoplasi...
Source: Preventive Veterinary Medicine - March 22, 2015 Category: Veterinary Research Source Type: research

Field evaluation of the efficacy, compatibility and serologic profiling of a combined vaccine against porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome and Haemophilus parasuis in nursery pigs
Publication date: Available online 17 March 2015 Source:Preventive Veterinary Medicine Author(s): Andreas Palzer , Matthias Eddicks , Susanne Zoels , Jasmin Stark , Sven Reese , Katrin Strutzberg-Minder , Kerstin Fiebig , Mathias Ritzmann The aim of the study was to compare the efficacy and compatibility of a separate or combined vaccination against the porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome (PRRS) and Haemophilus (H.) parasuis. The study was conducted in a 1200 head nursery farm. A total of 360 piglets at an age of 26 days were randomized into three groups. Group A was vaccinated separately against H. parasuis (P...
Source: Preventive Veterinary Medicine - March 22, 2015 Category: Veterinary Research Source Type: research